Put Your Hands Up If You Hate Bus Rides

taken from motifake.com

I hate bus rides...
but I'm too much of a beggar to be able to choose something better.
Last Thursday, I had the worst bus ride ever from Sibu-Kuching (est 6hrs).
Have a read & cringe at the horrors I endured.

As I got on the bus & walked down the aisle, I discovered to my great chagrin that I got the back seat.
Those of you who have never taken a bus before (rich baskets!) would think that back seats are great because they're wider & they've got a good view.
NOT! Seasoned travellers like myself would beg to differ.
They actually put FIVE people in the back seat!
Talk about invasion of personal space!
And let's not discuss personal hygiene & pheromones.

I planned to pass the time reading but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
Why? Because I was seated in the back seat.
I totally felt every bump, lump, molehill & pothole on the bloody freaking lousy as road.
Imagine trying to read while you're bouncing up & down & the book you're holding in front of you is trembling away like a full-speed vibrator!
Not pleasurable at all!

So I decided to sleep the hours away but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Why? The bloody bus had no bloody curtains!
The only ones they had were those decorative ones with the annoying tassles that keep poking at the top of my head!
Imagine trying to sleep with the sun piercing through your eyelids. IMPOSSIBLE!
So I put on my sunglasses & tied the tassels into a knot hoping to find peace...

But NOOOOOOOOOOO it was so unbearably WARM!
It was the afternoon so the air-conditioning was not at it's best.
The sunlight coming in from the windows were not helping neither.
But the worst part is that the engine was right beneath my seat!
I could feel the heat through my seat!
Talk about being in the hot seat!

I sat there hoping for my trip to get over quickly but NOOOO...
The bus driver had to go everywhere & stop in the middle of nowhere.
It was as if he was making deliveries for the mafia or something.
He would stop about every half an hour & he'd take something from his bag & go outside for 5-10 minutes.
Eventually, my trip was delayed by 2 hrs.
Imagine that! Stuck for extended hours on an overloaded bumpy back seat & sweating away like a Peking duck.

As the hours went by, the sun got tired & decided to take a break.
He tagged the moon & the moon gladly took over for a while.
That was when the bus started to cool down.
Initially, the lower temperatures were a welcome relief.
Then, it went lower & lower & lower until it was unbearably cold!
Are there no temperature controls on buses?!!

Furthermore, there was this issue with a familiar hint of stink coming from somewhere on the bus.
It was a silent night & if I listened carefully, I could hear the sound of a splash every time the bus went up & down a bump.
During one of the stops, I noticed that next to the stairs going downward to the emergency exit was a door with the symbols for a lavatory.
**gasp** We were carrying a septic tank with us all this while!

At one point of time, the bus stopped for a few youngsters waiting along the road.
They found vacant seats together & the bus moved on.
They obviously got bored after a while because they started playing cheesy old school music really really LOUD!!!
You know, the kind of music you'd hear blasting at pasar malams or dodgy karaokes.
WTH, man? Does this bus belong to you?
There are at least 30 other ppl on the bus, dumb as!

As time creeps in a petty pace from hour to hour
The bus gets all so much lighter
The back seat losers depart asunder
I become the sole survivor

Though circumstance breeds dissatisfaction
A smart man comes not without preparation
Earplugs I have for the musical pandemonium
A jacket I wear for the chilly situation

I stretch my legs on the roof of the lavatory
Adjust my body to avoid a stinky epiphany
Looking outside into hours of fantasy
Dreaming dreams & making poetry
Feeling lonely & thinking of her

I drift slowly into gentle sleep
Without a worry in the world
Lying on the back seat
Maybe being a beggar isn't that bad after all


  1. gees that does sound pretty bad. ive been on heaps of bus rides. so far theyve been good except when the motion sickness kicks in. i was way at the back when i travelled bintulu-sibu. i actually had first class seats cause i could recline them fully haha. i did 7 hours from cameron to melaka not too long ago. that wasn't too pleasant but still bearable although i dont think id wanna do that again hahah.

  2. My hands are up.

    Boarded buses for a couple of times. Each time, it's a new experience. The back seat doesn't suck. The third one from the left/right is quite awesome, actually. You get the most leg space.

    Sad thing about bus rides is the standing. A bad driver and the shitty road condition= roller coaster ride!

    Man i hate public transport.

  3. Anonymous27/2/10 17:58

    Man, I hate buses. Especially those green and pink company buses. I had the worst experience traveling from Kuching to Sibu by bus last yea. We started our journey at 10am. Then, after passing Bukit Begunan, something is wrong with the bus. Apparently, something caught fire in the engine. The whole journey, the bus was filled with deadly smoke and I had to endure it for about 4 hours. Now, I have a phobia riding buses.

  4. i hate bus rides especially after that one time when i had one bad experience with it. it was totally embarrassing haha let's just say yours was way better in comparison haha

  5. im so sorry to hear about your experience. by the sound of it, it was awful. that's why i don't take buses and i won't take buses until i really really have to. one of the reasons i bought myself a car...hehe!

  6. Anonymous28/2/10 11:44

    i hate bus drivers that stop at every hentian and took bloody 20 minutes just to smoke a ciggie!

  7. we left Kch at the bus terminal at 8.00 am sharp. That was good. We arrived in Sibu at the bus terminal 18.35 no good. As you said, it was more than a bus. The driver picked up passengers everywhere made detours, dropped packages, picked up stuff, toilet stops, eating stops etc. Arrived in Sibu feeling totally exhausted. By the time we arrived the sun had stopped bothering us.But that was a few months ago

  8. I hate bus rides too. They give me backache and extreme fatigue! I rather save money to pay more to hop on an executive coach bus!

  9. June: First Class? Where did you get them?

    Vio: Sucks doesn't it?

    Monaroc: Yeah~~ That's why I only go with reputable companies like Biaramas & PD.

    Tasha: TELL ME!!! TEEELLLLLL MEEEE!! Some guy mengumpat right?

    PohLin: Well, good for you!

    Nisa: Maybe my driver did that too! Bloody got us late for 2 hours thanks to that!

    Beng: It happens all the time, dude!

    Jess: Isn't that the same? Still a bus what.

  10. :) You are really good in descriptive writing. And this entry really made me smile.

    The last time I had a bus ride was with my significant other a couple of months ago.

    Not that bad. In Malacca lah. Ha ha ha.

  11. I've never sat at the back of the bus, so I never knew. Haha. But I know that I like sitting at the side, in the middle of the bus. Haha! =)

  12. you really want to know? haha how about i give you a hint? the pole i was holding on to actually broke and u imagine lah what happened to me haha (okay that was actually too much haha)

  13. Aww. You thought of me!

    I hate bus rides as much as you do, altho in Semenanjung, we do have better options. I normally take Transnasional to go back to my parents' place and although it isnt the most comfortable ride, I have had fairly okay rides. Still, with all the gory details about crashes involving buses, I avoid taking night buses. It feels safer to get the afternoon rides.

  14. Awwwww. That sounded awful! But it builds character :)

    Love the picture though. hehe. xx

  15. Shadow: Thanks for the compliment. Good to hear that your experience was good.
    Try the back seat next time. hehe~~

    Jon: That is actually the best spot!

    Tasha: And you fell onto a handsome eligible bachelor who swept you off your feet & you're marrying him next month, right?

    Sawi: Yeah. Afternoon rides are better coz you really cannot rest on buses. You sleep but you dont feel rested.

    Sarah: Build character? At my age? haha~~

  16. Anonymous5/3/10 19:37

    Told you to take MTC! So much better. And..."the book you're holding in front of you is trembling away like a full-speed vibrator!" Good grief! So you had multiple orgasms all the way? Wuahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. lol! i wish! sadly, not even close :P


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