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I Finally Got A Girlfriend!

It's a new Chinese year & time does fly by when you're having a good time. I've been away for more than 2 weeks! CNY has basically been early mornings & late nights. It's the one time of the year when I get to visit people's houses & get served like a boss. I eat their food & I even get paid to do it! Good times! I also hung out with old friends who come back once a year & visited greying relatives who are starting to forget who I am. I love them all & miss them so much. Anyway, I've got something non-teachery to share. I've been keeping it quiet on the social media because I want you to be the first to see it & read about it here! Well, I've met someone & she's awesome! She's so awesome she let me write this blog post about her! Let me tell our story from the very beginning. This is not quite the love story you'd expect. I first got to know about her through a mutual friend. I hung out with him some

Janji Ditepati In Kuching

Over the long weekend last week, I took my straight A PMR students all the way from the lush rainforests of Katibas to the asphalt kingdom of Kuching. We spent the long weekend sightseeing, dining & meeting people. Last year, I promised that every straight A student would receive a fully sponsored trip to Kuching . And, as an infamous ladies man would say... Janji Ditepati. Over that same weekend, a few people surprised me with their questions. They said some pretty harsh things about the people group my students came from. I had the impression that they were severely looked down upon by some wealthier city folks. There were also people who could not understand that there was nothing in it for me. They kept looking at what I was doing in many twisted angles trying to figure out how I would benefit. Honestly, I do not treat my students for who they are. I treat them for who I know they can be. I do not give in order to gain from them. I give so that they may, in turn, give to