I Finally Got A Girlfriend!

It's a new Chinese year & time does fly by when you're having a good time. I've been away for more than 2 weeks! CNY has basically been early mornings & late nights. It's the one time of the year when I get to visit people's houses & get served like a boss. I eat their food & I even get paid to do it! Good times!
I also hung out with old friends who come back once a year & visited greying relatives who are starting to forget who I am. I love them all & miss them so much.

Anyway, I've got something non-teachery to share.
I've been keeping it quiet on the social media because I want you to be the first to see it & read about it here!
Well, I've met someone & she's awesome! She's so awesome she let me write this blog post about her! Let me tell our story from the very beginning.

This is not quite the love story you'd expect.
I first got to know about her through a mutual friend. I hung out with him some time during the middle of last year. We discussed passions in life & then somehow got to this topic. We discussed personal preferences & options available in our lives. My friend listened intently to me & mentioned that he happened to know this great Japanese Thai with an adventurous personality. He wanted to hook us up but told me to check her out online first.

I did just that but I did not really like what I saw. She was fair, athletic & had wondrous curves but there was something about the way she looked that didn't particularly appeal to me. Yes, I can be quite picky. Why not? A relationship is going to take a lot out of me. Esp if this turns out to be something for the long term. I cant possibly wake up every morning & stare at a face that didn't particularly appeal to me, right?

But still, she intrigued me. I wanted to get to know her & maybe just make a new friend. I called my friend & we set up a meeting.
We met for the first time in December. The first time I saw her, she took my breath away. She was nothing like her photographs. She looked even better in person!

Her skin was fair & glowing. She had large lovely eyes which curved upwards at the ends. When she smiled, I swore the whole room lit up. She had a powerful deep voice that felt like honey to my ears & turned me on intensely.
She looked great without make up. Seriously. She wouldn't need any make up or accessories.
There is no other like her. She is unique & perfect the way she is. Right there & then, I knew: I had to make her mine.

She had an interesting life story too.
Her parents are actually Japanese. But, they made her in Thailand. She's currently residing in KL but she doesn't like it there. After a few dates, I could tell that she liked me too. She was willing to move down to Kuching or Sibu. She liked the charm & intimacy of smaller cities & hated the congestion of big cities like KL or Tokyo.

During Chinese New Year, she came to Kuching & we spent a lot of time together. She even followed me to Sibu (but stopped short of getting on an express boat with me to school)! hahaha~~
I couldn't get enough of her. I neglected my friends, my family & my blog. I just loved going places together & listening to her deep voice.
We share many similar interests like travelling, sports, adventure, nature & we both liked speed.

My family was particularly excited to meet her. Especially my sisters & cousin sisters. They all wanted to see her & touch her. They asked me a lot of questions about her. My family & friends who have seen us say that we look great together. A good sign.

The thing is she is so good physically, she blows my mind. It is really easy to know which buttons to push because she is so responsive. She is always ready to go. Anytime. Anywhere. The first time I had her in between my legs, she was radiating power & strength. She had so much stamina & power in that small engine. It's unbelievable. She is also very loud. She isn't shy about showing she's having a good time. Gosh, she turns me on so bad!

It had been a long time fantasy of mine to have something like her. I'm living a big boy's dream come true!

Click to see a picture of my new girlfriend & I. CAUTION: Not for Kids! (Like this is going to stop you.)
Read this piece again after viewing the picture. ;-)

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