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AC Milan are European Champions!!

It's just awesome!
AC Milan, the team that I have been supporting since my childhood,
has won the 2007 European Champions League Cup!
To ge there, they beat teams like Celtic, Bayern Munich, Manchester United & finally Liverpool.



Behold, it's 5.30am.
I just finished writing my script for my Japanese Oral Test happening later today.
These are the tell-tale signs of the approaching period of sleepless nights & strenious readings.
After this, 2 small tests, 2 big tests, 1 small assignment & 2 big assignments to finish!
(Comparatives used to emphasise the grade weightage the assessment carries.)

End of trimester assessments are like a thief in the night who comes to steal your sleep & your peace of mind.
Lest he robs you blind of everything that you hold dear, be prepared for his coming & you will overpower him & emerge victorious as the clouds of debris settle.

Assessments are approaching!
But I will not let them sneak up on me!
I will be prepared!
No matter how small or how big they are!

Vision 2007

I decided a few years ago that at every 31 Dec, I would ponder upon my previous year & form an evaluation for a new year vision.
In this way, I hope to improve my skills, experience, knowledge & etc every year!

It's half way through the year now & i realise that if i do not plan for my year soon...
I may live to regret it.

So here is my reflection...

The year 2006 was an awesome year!
I just arrived at a new country speaking a familiar yet different language. It was a challenging experience and a time where i grew as a person tremendously.

My highlights were my travels to the South Island of NZ & my West Australia trip to the 3 major cities in Aussie (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne).
As well as finding a great church, Arise Church, to grow in & contribute to.
I also met some really outstanding & inspiring people where... Ester Yap is number 1!

My weaknesses in NZ 2006:
- lack of foresight; didn't think about what I wanted to do with my time in NZ
- socia…

Happy Birthday, Kaine!

11 May 2007 is the 20th birthday of Kaine Alexander Bradshaw, our housemate.
10 May 2007 was a wonderful evening in the Westpac St James Theatre, enjoying the beautiful theatre production, which features song, dance and stunning aerial displays, Maui: One Man Against The Gods.
After the show we decided to grab a good bottle of champagne & a cake to surprise Kaine
He was asleep...

After singing him a birthday song, we made him blow out his birthday candle...
Watch as he fails for the second time!
When that was done, Nesa poped the bottle of champagne open and we made a toast to his new year!
We sat around & chat while nibbling on this yummy cake

may you grow in wisdom as well as in helping around in the house!

Jobs of koko'

I returned from Australia with many new experiences, unique souvenirs as well as a significantly reduced bank balance...
If my plans to travel in the next holidays are to materialise...
I need money... LOTS OF MONEY!!!

So I decided to take up one-off jobs to widen my pool of experience, besides my regular work in the evenings at Satay Kampong, and by the way...
they pay much better than regular work!

p/s: I lost my regular work with Unistop & Illot cafe due to a lack of time for the employer.


Job Description: Meeting Service Representative

The first job i took was with Victoria International, the wing of my university administration that deals directly with International students.

As part of the Vic Crew...

I pick first year international students up from the airport
I help run the Victoria University International Students Orientation
I man the Victoria International Help Desk during the Orientation Week

I get the wonderous task of reporting in for duty as earl…