Vision 2007

I decided a few years ago that at every 31 Dec, I would ponder upon my previous year & form an evaluation for a new year vision.
In this way, I hope to improve my skills, experience, knowledge & etc every year!

It's half way through the year now & i realise that if i do not plan for my year soon...
I may live to regret it.

So here is my reflection...

The year 2006 was an awesome year!

I just arrived at a new country speaking a familiar yet different language. It was a challenging experience and a time where i grew as a person tremendously.

My highlights were my travels to the South Island of NZ & my West Australia trip to the 3 major cities in Aussie (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne).
As well as finding a great church, Arise Church, to grow in & contribute to.
I also met some really outstanding & inspiring people where... Ester Yap is number 1!

My weaknesses in NZ 2006:
- lack of foresight; didn't think about what I wanted to do with my time in NZ
- social shyness

My strengths in NZ 2006:
- met loads of new people
- made some great friends
- travelled
- part of a growing church that loves Jesus

The year 2007 so far is just amazing!
It's my second & LAST year overseas. Therefore, I know I need to use my time wisely.

I've been a part of some great initiatives. Vic Crew in orientating international students & Campus Coach in being a big bro to first year students. I've also completed a few one-off jobs & added to my pool of experience.
I've also been elected to Vice-President of the Victoria University of Wellington International Students' Council. I help plan & run events targeted at international students!
I've taken up a new language. I'm learning Japanese in Vic University. It's tough but I'm loving it!
I also had the wonderful opportunity to get to know a special young lady; whom I will be sad to part with at the end of the year. She's the sweetness of honey in spicy wasabi. She's the capricious shell of a soulful young woman. A truly unique person who has much to contribute to the world!

So after some thought, here are...

My priorities in NZ 2007:
1. Experiences that are unique to this locality
2. Making a difference in lives
3. Building my network of friends
4. Completing my degree

My goals for NZ 2007:
- complete a North Island tour
- complete my degree courses
- have more wasabi
- up my contribution in church
- take my relationship with my Lord Jesus to a deeper level
- speak Japanese fluently (for a foreigner, of course)
- do more one-off jobs to enrich my experience
- make the best of the time i have left!

May I Look Back
On the Plane Leaving NZ
with a Sense of Accomplishment


  1. keep it up!!! that's all i can say..^^

  2. bro, thanx for te comment on ma blog.

    u noe, tis time last year, i pretty much had everything planned out as to where to go and what to do next. and everything turned out just so well though shit happened at times.

    half a sem to go ey? do wat u need to do and wat u want to do too!

    be a man! do the right thing!


  3. Anonymous22/5/07 00:17


    All the best in achieving all your goals in 2007! You have been such a great friend who constantly motivates me on. You have accomplished alot so far, but don't stop there, keep going ya!! I am sure you will have tons of nice and sweet memories to bring back home. Best wishes. GBU. =)


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