Wednesday, May 23


Behold, it's 5.30am.
I just finished writing my script for my Japanese Oral Test happening later today.
These are the tell-tale signs of the approaching period of sleepless nights & strenious readings.
After this, 2 small tests, 2 big tests, 1 small assignment & 2 big assignments to finish!
(Comparatives used to emphasise the grade weightage the assessment carries.)

End of trimester assessments are like a thief in the night who comes to steal your sleep & your peace of mind.
Lest he robs you blind of everything that you hold dear, be prepared for his coming & you will overpower him & emerge victorious as the clouds of debris settle.

Assessments are approaching!
But I will not let them sneak up on me!
I will be prepared!
No matter how small or how big they are!

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