Jobs of koko'

I returned from Australia with many new experiences, unique souvenirs as well as a significantly reduced bank balance...
If my plans to travel in the next holidays are to materialise...
I need money... LOTS OF MONEY!!!

So I decided to take up one-off jobs to widen my pool of experience, besides my regular work in the evenings at Satay Kampong, and by the way...
they pay much better than regular work!

p/s: I lost my regular work with Unistop & Illot cafe due to a lack of time for the employer.


Job Description: Meeting Service Representative

The first job i took was with Victoria International, the wing of my university administration that deals directly with International students.

As part of the Vic Crew...

I pick first year international students up from the airport

I help run the Victoria University International Students Orientation

I man the Victoria International Help Desk during the Orientation Week

I get the wonderous task of reporting in for duty as early as 8am
just to be given a box of colourful chalks
& having fun filling the streets outside uni with graffiti!

The purpose is to show new students where to go for their orientation.

Are you a new international student?
Yes? Need help?
Seek "The Vic Crew" in their oversized green t-shirts!

did i have fun for the whole two weeks of duty
as well as the later on and off airport pickups!

JOB 2: Campus Coaching
Job Description: Campus Coach

The second job I took up was with the university's Students Services Group.

During the local & international orientations,
first-year students are given a choice to sign up for a 1 month long Campus Coach programme.

Those who sign up will be organised into groups based on their chosen university degree major.

The Campus Coach groups are run by trained students of the university.
During the 1 month, the group meets once a week for about an hour
& the Campus Coach chats with them & makes sure they are on track in their first month of univeristy.

I had a group of science students & out of the 11,
an average of about 4 turn up regulary each week.
I hada great time leading the group & im sure they had a great time visiting the many food places i brought them to!
All the best to you guys!

As a Campus Coach, I also helped out at the InfoDesk
where first years come for infomation & free maps, guides, calenders & etc.

We also... erm...
give away free condoms...


JOB 3: Traffic Surveying
Job Description: Traffic Surveyer

The third job i took, and is still taking up on and off, was with the Traffic Design Group.
They write reports on the use of streets in and around the Central Business District for the Wellington City Council so they can make better plans for future transport development.

My task is to be on a street and monitor the number of either one or a combination of cars, people and bicycles.
Easy job for easy money...
A good boss too!

JOB 4: TypistJob Description: Librarian's Typist

My latest job is with a mature woman who is a volunteer librarian with a community group she is part of.
What i do is type mini library cards for her in a certain format on an electronic typewriter.
The old lady is wonderful & very very kind.




  1. nice! you seem to enjoy a lot :)

  2. Anonymous5/5/07 01:49

    Hey looks like you've been keeping yourself busy.. thats great. :) Looks like you spend more time working than studying le! hahahaha

    ps: You do realise that pre-marital sex is a big no no right?


  3. luckily you still alive and your life is busier.

    i wont blame you for not updating your blog..take your time dude! that day went to play futsal at 12 am!! thinking of you, playing at IPBA till 3am! cool dude!! haha..hope to play with nesta (you) again, and kaka (me) gonna hold the "big ears cup" (CL CHAMPION) 3 weeks later trashing liverpool 3-0 like how they did to Manchester utd!! cheers~

  4. i want more money too but i malas nak kerja, can or not like that???

    anyway, the traffic survey job seems sooooo vexing and mentally "challenging"

  5. Anonymous8/5/07 09:02

    Finally some updates. Look like u've got some pretty interesting jobs there...Hahah...All the chicks must be all over you..Getting the opportunities to ask u more questions..LOL

  6. To Ethan,
    I make the best of the time I got... =D

    To Gabe,
    I know that...
    but youngsters here indluge in it all the time...
    better to protect innocent children from abortion or loveless parenthood.

    To Colby,
    Cant wait to play in that warehouse again!

    To Ana,
    If you want something, you gotta work for it...
    It is true that there is no such thing as a free dinner...
    Even if God gives you something, it is the fruit of you asking it from Him.

    To Wendee,
    I was kinda hoping that would happen but they were too busy looking good.


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