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Post-STPM Full-Scholarship: 2016 Bangsar Village Kids for Kids (Deadline: April 30, 2016)

Last year, a Sarawakian won this scholarship so I'm going to encourage as many Sarawakian students to apply as I can! Thank you, BV, for thinking of us in the East!   Documents about this scholarship were leaked to me by a "well-placed source" with strong ties. It wasn't pedas enough for Sarawak Report so I'll write about it. Lol. Furthermore, this scholarship does not have a strong web presence. Try to Google it. You'd still have to do some sleuthing. It's not even on the Bangsar Village website which is still displaying last year's scholarship information . *tisk* *tisk* As the government is cutting back on scholarships, I'm very glad that this Malaysian corporation has not. Did I mention that a Sarawakian was awarded last year? So proud. Thankful to BV. Dear BV, what you do for one of my brethren, you do for me. So, I'm going to help you do the same this year! If you're from Sarawak, help a deserving Sarawakian student win this by

An Unthinkable Question In This English 1119 Module

Looks harmless enough on the outside... But on the inside...   I was in Barrymore Theatre  today catching " The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time " with my 2for1 Broadway Week tickets when I saw a picture of a question from this book. It shocked & amused me. I felt compelled to forgo a good night sleep & immediately wrote about it when I got home. Check out this unthinkable SPM model question:

My Interview With The Fulbright Commission In Malaysia

Whatever happens to you during your interview will never be as bad as this one. So, give it your best!! A few months ago, I encouraged everyone to apply for the Fulbright programs . When applying, keep in mind A LOT of money will be spent on you & they want to know if you'll be a good investment. Be sure to read up on the aims/objectives of the program/organisation you're applying to, figure out where it overlaps with yours & have that reflected in your application. It's not just all about you. It's partly about them/their country too. How can you make them better? In this blog post, I will share about my interview which was one of my worst interview performances ever. I flew in from Sarawak that morning & came straight from the airport because I wanted to be early. I was there an hour before schedule. I wanted to use that time to make myself look extra presentable & prepare emotionally.