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My Transfer Is Denied So Share This With An Administrator

Denied Again. But not defeated. The past 6 years in the jungle have been amazing & I believe that I have proven my worth. I want to commit all my talent & skills to education in Sarawak because it is where the need for someone like me is greatest (Sarawak is usually at the bottom of national performance rankings.) but my determination is waned & my potential is limited at being confined to the jungle for a 7th year. I am ambitious & I know that I can do much more with access to an airport, resources, people, internet & mobile connection. Being denied not only frustrates me, it unsettles me. Sarawak has an excess of English teachers (most of which are in Kuching & the surrounding districts teaching subjects other than English) so it's harder for me to move WITHIN Sarawak than it is to move OUT of the state. Excess = very few new postings = not being able to move because there is no replacement for me. Excess = very few vacancies = joining a waiti

5 Ways The Malaysian Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Course Can Improve

I'm not an expert but ah....    This is an honest review from a thinking professional who has been in the profession for more than 5 years & already continuously improving himself via reading books/magazines/websites, reflecting & attending courses/training/conferences/symposiums. I have also shared my development through writing blogs/articles & giving talks/speeches/workshops to teachers/students.    The fruits of all of that personal/professional growth is documented in this blog. I urge you to to skim/browse its archives & see for yourself if I am a credible commentator/stakeholder before you continue reading.    I wrote this post not as a condemnation. I want to pool ideas to help make it better & I believe there can be a more effective use of tax payer funds & valuable time of education professionals. I have written down the same views & suggestions expressed in this blog post on the feedback forms I filled at the end of the course; of whi

5 Tips For GRE From Someone Who Barely Has Time To Study

What the ETS  page for GRE looks like. For those of you here out of curiosity, Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a 4 hour exam required for admissions into graduate study programmes at universities in the United States. I'm not an expert at GRE prep. I'm sharing lessons from my test day experience so that you may have a better idea of what to expect on your test day. I took the GRE a few months ago at a Prometric testing centre in KL, Malaysia. I registered online at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website & paid for it with my credit card. My test costed  US$195 . Bear in mind that the test in KL can only be scheduled on Wednesdays/Thursdays . I took the TOEFL test earlier & did extremely well despite not preparing at all. If you're taking the TOEFL computer-based test as well, you might want to read the lessons from my test day experience to have a better idea of what to expect during your own test.