Keep In Mind When Taking AirAsia's SkyBus

If you're travelling to Kuala Lumpur (KL) via AirAsia, the most economical way to get from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) to KL is to take the 1hr SkyBus service.
When you arrive at the airport, just walk out the sliding doors & look for a long stretch of waiting red & yellow buses.
Get on one of the red buses waiting to leave for KL Sentral & pick a seat.
The conductor will come along before the bus leaves & collect the fare. It costs RM9 on the bus & RM6.99 if you book it online as an add-on to your AirAsia flight.

If you're like me, you enjoy the thought of saving even a few RM so you'll go for the add-on. The RM2 is better spent on nasi lemak anyway.
However, if you're a young free spirit who relishes the thought of saving trees & the romantics of being paperless, you'll float onto a Sky Bus, plonk yourself on a plump seat, fling your boarding pass at the conductor & end up paying RM16 for the journey.

The conductor will ask you for a copy of your itinerary.
But, here's my boarding pass.
No, your itinerary please.
Sheet. One look at your boarding pass & you realise that there is no indication that you paid RM6.99 for this freaking bus ride.
Plus you're such a tree hugger that you refused to print your itinerary.
No sympathy for anything that comes out of your mouth; only for what's in your pocket.


Here's an additional RM9 for the 'convenience'.Thanks for nothing you rude prick of a conductor.
I don't know about you, but it seems that every time I ride on the SkyBus, I get conductors who try to intimidate or piss you the heck off.
Where's the love? I don't see any gangsters or criminals on the bus with me. Or is it because I'm black?

If you're reading this AirAsia SkyBus, I take your buses all the time & I've paid RM16 too many times.
Instead of warning people about how much money they'd save if they go for this luggage add-on or that insurance add-on or a comfortable seat add-on, you should really put up a reminder to print the itinerary on one of your undesirable & confusing pop-up messages to people who choose to add a SkyBus ride to their flight.
This is something that will really actually help people save money. But then again, you won't be making any money out of it so why bother, right?

Somehow I keep treating every company I like as a non-profit organisation. I forget that AirAsia is just another corporation using my habits & psychology against me to make as much money as they can from me.
Bloody baskets.

Anyway, if you've learned anything from this blog post, young people, make sure you print your itinerary before you end up spending the money for a lovely lamb briyanni on a bloody bus ride.

**UPDATE** 12/12/2014
Things are now so much easier. The last few times I used the SkyBus service, I needed to only show them my booking from a pdf on my mobile phone & the conductor let me ride the bus.


  1. Teacher Jik Kam, one thing u can do when this happens again, online with your phone, get to airasia's website, look for your itinerary, and just show them your phone with the skybus RM6.99 part! I did that once when i forgotten to print my itinerary, and they let me go! :) hehee..

  2. oh well get into lots of probs wth airasia. I just hope something will be done to improve on their service

  3. Angeline: I'll be able to do that when I get a smartphone.. which will be many years from now coz I have no need for it in the jungle.

    Izzy: Actually they are improving their servie, it's just that we dont feel it coz we do not want to pay extra for the 'improvements'.

  4. I took the Skybus from LCCT to 1 Utama yesterday. The bus was supposed to leave at 7am but we waited until 7.30 but no driver turns up. We walked to the Skybus LCCT- KL Sentral areas and told the person in charge that we still haven't seen the driver. Turned out the driver locked himself in the bus and was snoozing like crazy! What's more, after paying, the conductor didn't give us our ticket.

  5. When traveling with AirAsia I always have to make sure I have zero expectation as they tend to disappoint on so many counts - especially can't stand the rudeness of their staff - mainly those in West Malaysia though, those in other countries are better ;)

  6. Anonymous11/4/11 05:31

    Thanks for the info. I know it's not environment friendly but I print everything - booking confirmation, itinerary... Blame it on my sense of insecurity. :(

  7. Fraulein: You have a genuine complaint! Make sure you write in to AirAsia!

    Anny: Yeah. Have no expectations. They're probably rude coz their disgruntled about their meagre pay.

    Arthur: I'm starting to print everything too. Can't trust those cheap bastards who are out there to squeeze you dry!

  8. Anonymous17/1/13 17:54

    Thanks for pointing out that itinerary and boarding pass are different things! Will be using Skybus next week


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