3 Monkeys' Weekend: Guna's Visit To Wellington

It's always great when monkeys get together.
It was great when we got together in Malaysia.
It was great when we got together in Australia.
And it was great when we got together in Wellington!

Even though we were 2 man short, we were not short of creativity & fun!
Guna & Syahir dropped by for the weekend.
Guna stayed with us & hung out with us while the snob, Syahir, chose to stay with Hadi and refused to hang out with us!
He'd rather have the PS3 & flat screen TV! **HUH**
We had fun without him anyway... lots and lots and LOTS of fun!
Go Monkeys!

I prepared 2 dinners for Guna during his stay.
He chose to go for a vegetarian diet to mourn the loss of his grandmother
so I whipped him up a nice vegetarian dinner not once, but TWICE!
On Friday night, we went to the well-known dessert restaurant, Strawberry Fare,
for dessert after a fabulous vegetarian dinner I prepared.
However, the restaurant dissapointed.
Check out their reviews on dineout.co.nz for why.

Saturday morning we headed to Westfield Queensgate
for the best tosai at The Spice Traders cafe.
Tosai is a South Indian Crepe made from a batter that is slightly fermented.
The tosai was amazingly large and crispy.
It came with a filling of potato & chicken as well as, on the side,
1 small bowl of dahl curry & 2 mini tubs of different chutneys.
Havent had it in a long long time... Loved it!
Special thanks to Karuna for taking us!

That night Nesa went to work & I took Guna to the karaoke.
There was a karaoke event organised
& sponsored by the International Student Council.
We had lots of fun there singing songs, laughing at each other & cheering others on.
Guna & I even sang a duet of the Maroon 5 song, "This Love".

That night, after the karaoke, we hit the clubs.
Guna was dressed up & he looked real smart & hot!
We took Guna to every good club in Wellington...
We stopped at Rain for drinks.
We stopped at Coyotes for a dance.
These two bars are my favourites because they play the latest and hottest music!

My highlight of the night was dancing with a special young person.
That person was sooooo hot!
Such a good dancer too!
But we kept it all on the dance floor...
we were clean, we did not want to sex each other...
we just wanted to have fun...
but it sure was good...
I danced with...

NESA, My Housemate!
There was a group of us & we have been dancing for a while...
some of us were shy & did not dance very comfortably...
I got bored and decided to krump with Nesa...
but somehow it ended up as us getting it on with each other...

It was good...
Our group loved it...
Great fun!
Study Smart In Auckland, Guna!
Come Back Soon For More Adventures!

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