Hari Kadet Polis 2013

I realised earlier this year that I have not blogged about my involvement with the Police Cadets even though I have been an advisor at my school since 2009!
So allow me to share with you what it is like to advise the Police Cadets.

One of the most important events of the year is the Hari Kadet Polis or the Hari Jadi for the cadets. It is officially on 31 March but, this year, it was postponed to April.

Sometimes, the police will make the long & sunny journey on a boat to my school to help train my students. Most of the time, however, it's the teachers who have to do what they can with the limited knowledge they possess.
In preparation for the event, I spent my afternoons, training the students to march &, the evenings, training them to sing national songs, police songs & cadet songs. I had to go intensive because my students were totally unprepared. I didn't want them to be an embarrassment during the event. There will be other schools involved &, like it or not, people will compare & people will talk. I want them to feel privileged, exclusive & proud to be part of this event. I want the other schools to learn respect & never to look down on rural schools.

Everybody looked really impressive & well-groomed. I'm so proud.
It rained after the event so we waited for the rain to subside before making our way to our boat ride back to school.
As expected, my students did very well during the event & left very good impressions on the police personnel. They sang the songs louder than the other schools because they were more familiar with them. They were also better at marching as a whole because of the training they received. I am very proud of them.

You might notice the lack of uniforms. My students are all too poor to afford uniforms with can cost around RM200. A month's wages for some of their parents.
In 2010, I wrote a letter to the MP asking for aid. I got it in 2011 & I purchased the uniforms you see in this picture. More are added to the collection every year.
I used to have a problem with inventory but now a very responsible teacher is taking charge so I'm pretty sure the uniforms will last for the long run.
There are a few more big activities planned for the cadets this year, including jungle trekking, a camp & a visit to the Song PD. Hopefully, all of these plans will materialise & you get to read about them right here!
Go, cadets!

All the pictures from this event can be found here.

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