Go & Vote!!

I love my country.
Although I have travelled around a little bit, the more places I see, the more I appreciate my home.
I may be descended from pendatangs who came from China in dingy boats 3 generations ago. But, I still consider my home to be Malaysia. NOT China.
I believe in God. I respect the King. I accept the rule of law.
I speak Bahasa Melayu. Anuar Zain is my idol. I love sambal. I use -lah excessively. I have many brothers of different ethnicities.
I want to call myself a Malaysian. NOT a Chinese.

I want to see my country grow.
Although I have studied in a faraway land, I decided to come back, stay & develop my country.
Although I am very ambitious, I decided to serve my country deep in the jungle as a humble secondary school teacher.
I am doing my little bit for my country every day.
That's just the thing. We are only able to do a little bit.
There are people who can make a BIG difference with a mere stroke of a pen.

On Sunday, you will be given a chance to CHOOSE those people. This is when our little bits make a BIG difference.
Whatever or whoever you choose, that's your privilege. I will defend your right to make that choice.
Make sure you go EARLY.
Make sure you bring your IC.
Make sure you do not have any political symbols on you.
Make sure you GO & VOTE!!!

Tomorrow morning, I will be going into the jungle to stay overnight at a longhouse.
On Sunday morning, I will set up a polling station with my team so that even the people deep in the jungle can exercise their right to vote.
Some of them have to trek through a jungle. Some of them have to ride on a boat. They usually come in full attendance. What excuses have you got not to vote?

I am sick & tired of people who brag about how they did not register or how they will not go to vote. They will have 101 of the best reasons why they shouldn't do it.
Honestly, I am ashamed of knowing you & you have just lost my respect. For you do not love my country. You are taking for granted something very precious & valuable.

It doesn't really matter who wins or who loses, what matters is the LEGITIMATE citizens of Malaysia chose them.
Your choice matters.
It'll only take a few minutes of your precious Sunday. Monday is probably going to be a holiday anyway so don't complain about not getting enough rest.

Our nation is at a crossroads. The next elections could go either way.
There is no better time to vote than this Sunday. Every ballot paper dropped in a ballot box will be a ripple in history. You'll have taken part in the most tightly contested elections ever in the history of our country!
Every vote makes a real difference. YOUR vote makes a difference.
GO & VOTE!!!

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