No Strings Attached

Nope… I haven’t been sleeping around… it’s just that a few hours ago I had stings attached to my body! AAAH!!

4 stitches… from about 14 days ago… remember… I tried to open a window with my superhuman strength… but I did not have superhuman skin thickness… sigh… memories of the bloody day…

Well, I called VUW student health services today and got myself an appointment in the afternoon. I arranged to see a doctor in the VUW Te Aro campus, which is the architecture & arts campus near Cumberland House, where I stay.

The campus is just a building with wonderful design… but it is small though… just one medium sized building with a nice park in front… the students health clinic was located on the ground floor of the building. First, look for the common room of the building, enter it, look for a door at your far right corner, enter it, sit and wait until your appointed time. THEN, knock on the door.

I’m sure you wana see pictures of my freshly unbound thumb… but you cant cz the doctor wrapped it all up! =(
However, she did arrange for me to have my bandaged changed on this Friday afternoon in the clinic at Kelburn campus, where I have my classes. Perhaps I will take a picture then!


you gonna be set free and wrapped up nice and tight...

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