She Satisfies Me Not

I am a man that desires flexibility.
Those that I have had relationships with were unable to bend over backwards when I needed them to.
They were awesome for portability & value but they deeply disappointed when I wanted to do more & take the relationship further.

I have had it with her.
Good bye, pretty, slim, simple & conservative Miss Compact Camera.
It's time I moved on to a real camera.
To the ever so alluring dear Miss SLR.

taken from

Say hello to the Nikon D60. (click to read review)
Released in 2008, it has just about the right features for my itchy fingers & panoramic fantasies.
It is also probably the best bargain for my RM3000 budget.
Actually, the kit + tripod + 4GB card only costs RM2200.
I'm budgeting around RM800 for a flash device.

Although I have already received my first pay check...
I will not hurry my decision to get married into the Nikon family.
There are other things things that I have to spend my money on first.
I would also love to hear any advice my readers have on SLRs & the Nikon D60.

The wedding date is set at the end of April.
I cant wait to 'officiate' our marriage!

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