Something Worth Sharing

My friend, Loren Bong, is the lead in this Independent Malaysian short film by Juliane Block.
I took a look at it & I find that it is really something worth sharing.

The film is currently in a German competition to win a grand prize of 10,000 Euro.
All it needs is your votes.

Wait for the flash video application below to load.
You will see 5 stars at the bottom right corner of the application. That is where you vote.

Please vote 5 stars every day to support this awesome piece of work.
This is a Malaysian action film that is actually worth watching!
Watch the 30 min clip & then vote to support it!

I apologise for the limited width of my content column.
This video plays just fine in full screen.
Click 'play' & look to the right for the partially hidden 'full screen' button that is just before the cut off point of my content column.


  1. this one looks nice.

  2. this is the one you tweeted about . internet was too slow yesterday . waited half an hour but it didn't load . so , i didn't vote yesterday . sorry

    but i voted just now .

  3. Izzy: It does, doesnt it?

    Vio: Thanks, Vio!
    Good things deserve rewards.


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