Reflections of a 2nd Year Teacher

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When I first cum... to teaching, there were options available for me outside of teaching / government. I was also aware that the window of opportunity would slowly close as I age & younger more qualified infants saturated the workforce.
However, with deep conviction, I made a decision to commit the first 5 years of my professional life to be a teacher in a government school anywhere in the country.
When I say commit, I meant it. I was going to bust my a$$ teaching no matter what my circumstance; be it in the middle of nowhere a thousand miles from home or working with hopeless & fruitless Neanderthals or teaching leaping yelling brainless chimps. I wanted to see whether I was any good at teaching & whether I enjoyed it.

Two years down this overly trodden road, I find that I AM good at it & I DO enjoy teaching!
Maybe it's because I've busted my a$$ so bad pushing homework & hustling in the classrooms that a little bit of it seeps into their minuscule hard skulls.
Maybe my gangsta attitude & the big-a$$ piece I carry around with me makes the minions afraid of me & follow my orders lest I bust a cap in their a$$es with my piece. ('piece' is gangsta for 'rotan'.)
Maybe there is such a lack of talent & competition in the teaching profession that my limited abilities give me a sky-high advantage.
Or maybe I've been at it so long, I've gone loony like many other teachers in Malaysia & cant really tell the difference.

Since I'm so good at it & I enjoy it so much... perhaps I should make teaching my life's work?
After all, isn't it the noble profession where you make millionaires but not a cent for yourself?
That's right. The remuneration is lacking & the prestige is missing. Also, just like any other relationship, the excitement might dwindle as the years go by...
Then again, I can compensate through corruption, tuition, joining competitions & etc.

I am very positive about staying as a teacher in the long run but I am not confident of being in the government or in this country.
I know that the children need me & I love them but I wont be single & available all my life.
Once I get married & start a family, my priorities must change.
I need to find an environment where my children can thrive & my talents will be properly utilised & compensated for.

I am only almost barely halfway through my 5 year commitment so I shall not make any hasty decisions.
Meanwhile, it's more homework pushing & a$$ busting for me!


  1. Sometimes I feel it is either you have it or your don't...or perhaps the students can sense your sincerity in wanting to help them and respect you for that. I can see you have it - both ways.

    I've seen teachers screeching themselves hoarse, scolding them or whipping them like cattle with a rotan and yet the students are talking away louder than the teacher and running and jumping around like monkeys. Others, they will all keep quiet at the mere glimpse - not a word spoken, no need for brutality at all...

  2. Inspiring post koko! I never wanted/liked to be in this profession too. Teaching french in secondary schools? Blurgh. I was a french student before in high school and 99% of my classmates never paid any attention. I definitely know how it feels like to be the one in front, splashing saliva, talking to a group of homosapiens yang mungkin tak akan faham langsung what the poor teacher is trying to say!

    I even felt like dropping out or paying back the education fees but I guess it's a stupid thing to do!

    But then, yea, who knows what will happen till we experience it for ourself kan? Maybe for now, I hate the idea of being a teacher in the future but still, it's worth a try!

    Good luck koko! :)

  3. All the best Ah Kam! I admire your dedication and commitment towards your profession. I'm sure you have made enormous differences in the many lives you have taught =).

  4. bravo koko!!! bravo!!!

  5. about ur lack of confidence in the government, let me quote something from George W. Bush Jr:

    "You do not have to believe in the government, just believe in your country".

    one genius line from one knucklehead. haha.

  6. Anonymous2/12/10 05:26

    teaching is rewarding job. glad that you are good at it. lol. agree with nigel, hv faith in this country. =)

  7. Arthur: I'm trying to be the teacher who sucks them all in like a hypnotist.
    I'm trying to be a teacher who needs not shout or smack.

    It takes a lot of fortitude & wisdom!
    But I'm enjoying the challenge!

    Jessica: Yes, it's worth it! I hope you'll have a great experience!

    PohLin: Yes, I believe I have. Esp those I've smacked year-in year-out!

    Warid: Thanks!

    Najib: I have always believed in the children. That's why I'm still a teacher.
    But once I have a family, I'm going to need to look for more money.

    If you haven't noticed, Chinese people do not get much from our Malay-centred government.
    I'm talented. I dont want to waste away with a bunch of buffoons who will surpass me because of their race.

    GoldFlower: I am ambitious & I work hard. So I am hard to satisfy. I give my best & expect the best.

    Unfortunately, the service is not something I like to associate myself with because 50% of them are not doing what they are supposed to do.
    Even the public has very little faith in gov school teachers that they'd be willing to spend on tuition.

  8. Anonymous4/12/10 02:15

    hmmm. maybe u can just open a tuition center and earn a lot of money . hehehe. yeah the parents always think teacher lazy at school dun teach etc. not easy to be government teacher.

  9. I'm considering it but I prefer to give 100% to school & giving a more wholesome education for free to children who need it.
    Wouldn't want a conflict of interest between my school & tuition neither.

    However, given the circumstances, I might have to do tuition one day.

  10. this is very inspiring... I will become a teacher soon.. currently on my third year more year and i will start teaching highchool studnts Yipee
    by the way it's nice to be here in your blog

  11. Thanks, dude.
    You've been here once in a while & only now do I know you're a future teacher.
    Do your best!


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