Reflections of a 2nd Year Teacher

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When I first cum... to teaching, there were options available for me outside of teaching / government. I was also aware that the window of opportunity would slowly close as I age & younger more qualified infants saturated the workforce.
However, with deep conviction, I made a decision to commit the first 5 years of my professional life to be a teacher in a government school anywhere in the country.
When I say commit, I meant it. I was going to bust my a$$ teaching no matter what my circumstance; be it in the middle of nowhere a thousand miles from home or working with hopeless & fruitless Neanderthals or teaching leaping yelling brainless chimps. I wanted to see whether I was any good at teaching & whether I enjoyed it.

Two years down this overly trodden road, I find that I AM good at it & I DO enjoy teaching!
Maybe it's because I've busted my a$$ so bad pushing homework & hustling in the classrooms that a little bit of it seeps into their minuscule hard skulls.
Maybe my gangsta attitude & the big-a$$ piece I carry around with me makes the minions afraid of me & follow my orders lest I bust a cap in their a$$es with my piece. ('piece' is gangsta for 'rotan'.)
Maybe there is such a lack of talent & competition in the teaching profession that my limited abilities give me a sky-high advantage.
Or maybe I've been at it so long, I've gone loony like many other teachers in Malaysia & cant really tell the difference.

Since I'm so good at it & I enjoy it so much... perhaps I should make teaching my life's work?
After all, isn't it the noble profession where you make millionaires but not a cent for yourself?
That's right. The remuneration is lacking & the prestige is missing. Also, just like any other relationship, the excitement might dwindle as the years go by...
Then again, I can compensate through corruption, tuition, joining competitions & etc.

I am very positive about staying as a teacher in the long run but I am not confident of being in the government or in this country.
I know that the children need me & I love them but I wont be single & available all my life.
Once I get married & start a family, my priorities must change.
I need to find an environment where my children can thrive & my talents will be properly utilised & compensated for.

I am only almost barely halfway through my 5 year commitment so I shall not make any hasty decisions.
Meanwhile, it's more homework pushing & a$$ busting for me!

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