Featured in Stuff@School (The Star)

Check this out!
It was published on Monday, 15 August, in Stuff@School by The Star.
Distribution of the pull-out is limited to certain schools. Even then it has a 300,000 readership.
I will be applying for a subscription for my school.

Thanks very much, Amanda Ng of Penang Chinese Girls' High School for picking little ol' me for your interview of inspirational people.

Anyway, do I see a movie deal in the horizon?


  1. It was my pleasure interviewing you! :D

    And have you noticed? The first comment I dropped is still up there ^.

  2. Kudos to the writer and subject for bringing us this story - we need to read more such inspiring stories and be reminded to goes against the norm and live larger than ourselves. :)

  3. You're a real gem, Kam...few and far between. I don't have anything to do with it and yet, I do feel proud for you and of you.

    Keep at it - do what you do, do well. One day, you will look back at it all with a sigh...and you will smile. The moments, though precious and few, are treasures to be cherished forever.

  4. Amanda: It was a pleasure being interviewed & so favourable written about. =)

    Crystal: Indeed. The theme of that edition was about inspiring people so there were plenty of examples in there to inspire even me! =)

    Arthur: Thanks, Arthur. It means a lot to me. Your friendship & support has been invaluable in my journey as a teacher. =)


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