I'm here to tell you about #TeacherStories. Something I started a few weeks ago in a bid to flood the internet with more meaningful media about teachers & school. Why? Simple. Ask yourself which stories usually get attention from the mass media: teachers complaining about workload, ministers telling teachers off, students getting beaten up, teachers getting beaten up, vandalism/gangsterism/drugs/scandals in schools, & all the other attention grabbing headlines.

Those stories will definitely generate clicks or sell newspapers but they are not necessarily stories which would make our society better or encourage teachers to keep working hard for society. Often times, it demoralises or demonises teachers.

Nobody will deny that education is an important part of civilisation. But why does everybody constantly find pleasure in beating down the key people sweating & bleeding to keep it going?

I am making a stand against that. I am declaring that there are better stories from schools even though they will never see the light of day in the mass media. These stories are simple yet powerful. These stories happen every day but are meaningful to the development of both child & teacher. These stories usually appear on Facebook statuses & then fade forever into the past. I want to make the best of these stories immortal.

Stories which warm the heart.
Stories which energise the spirit.
Stories which make us think again when we complain about petty things.
Stories which make us reflect deeply on our practises & the effects it has on our students.

It does not matter if these stories never get heard. The most important thing is they are told. I want to share teacher stories because when I read about these stories, I feel lifted up. I feel encouraged. Most importantly, I feel that I am not alone. I am hoping that it will do the same for every teacher who reads them.

If you love a teacher & you want him/her to continue changing lives & making a difference, the least you can do is share their stories. Make it known that there are still plenty of good teachers out there.

This week, remember one of the teachers who have made a difference in your life. Reach out & do something nice for him/her!

p/s: If you see #TeacherStories worth sharing, send it to me & I'll gladly put it up!!

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