My Room! Tis Complete!

The final pieces to my room are finally in place...
All are welcome to my room for a chat or any form of recreation!
However, procreation in my room is not encouraged...

Just by standing at the entrance of my accomodations, you will feel the strong aura. The strong breath of the wind almost blowign you away! That's how windy Wellington is... But after stepping through the sliding glass door, that only opens when a resident "scans" his/her access card at the sensor beside the door (very much like the touch n go system in the highways of Malaysia), the high winds instantly stop and you feel the peace and warmth of the indoors.

To get to the third floor, where I stay, thou must take one of the lifts or face the wrath of 4 flights of stairs! Your choice is obvious, isn't it? As the lift doors open on the ground floor, you will be in for a treat prior to arriving at the third floor... The lifts are great! hehehee...

Upon arrival at the third floor you will be greeted by a soft and sweet voice of a voilin. Follow the gentle calling of its tune, as it will lead you to my room. Room 301.

Knock if you want to come in. And WAIT for the door to be opened! hehe... we will give you a yell if we are inside... As the door opens be prepared to be immersed in music of the purest kind and feast your eyes on the gentlest tone of lighting... everything has such a romantic feel to it... and everything will look so seductively gentle, clean and neat that you might faint from a heavenly high.

The first thing you will notice are our two neat and comfortable looking beds. Don't you just feel like jumping on them?

After that you will find our Sony 29" Flatscreen TV and our Panasonic 5.1 Dolby Home Theatre System in between the beds. The music that comes out of this sound system is so heavenly crisp and beautiful that I myself marvel at the mesmerising music; usually with a glass of white wine.

Then you will look into my toilet, very clean and practical. Serving the most urgent of our needs...

Look at our kitchenette and you will find it clean and tidy... making any woman of the house either envious or proud of us...

Our fridge is also stocked with wonderful treats for ourselves and, of course, our guests. Free yogurt available any time! While Stocks Last!

Our study desks, practical and spacious, makes for a comfortable nap during study...

Our closets are situated auspiciously at the centre of the room yet never blocking nor hindering any activity. It's location provides for great Feng Sui in the room, ensuring all wonderful blessing will always come in and stay in... Especially because I have prayed over this room in Jesus name! hehe...

Now you have completed the tour of my accomodations!
Thank you for your attention!
You are welcome to drop by anytime once in a while for a movie, xbox or playstation on our TV but remember to bring an offering!


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