A Tribute To Miss Leow: "Thank You"

Miss Leow was an amazing lecturer in IPBA who is as cunning as a fox but as innocent as a dove...
hehe... I adore her!
I want my future wife to have some of her attributes!
She inspires her students with her positive outlook, wisdom & cunning when dealing with
"problem" students. I remember many many funny stories! hehehe...

She is also an advocate for the Christians on campus.
She is a shoulder to lean on for each of us & she also oversees the IPBA ChristianFellowship.
The CF has had a profound impact on my life.
The relationships I built in the CF edified by faith & inspired me to draw closer to God. I have also served regularly in the CF & found truth in the saying "it is more blessed to give, than recieve."
She is truely one of the many people in my life worth remembering & paying tribute to!

A few weeks ago, I was invited by my senior, Nicholas, to produce a 1 minute video that will be put into a DVD that will be presented to Miss Leow as a retirement gift.
I jumped at this opporunity & immediately requested the production of a music video.
It was approved... but...
There was an additional task for this song production, I had to include others that know her.

First, I sent an email invitation to my classmates, the Cohort 2.
None responded except Nesa, my housemate.
Then, I sent an email invitation to my juniors, the Cohort 3.
Nadhilah, Izzati & Audrey responded.

Nesa did the video related stuff.
Nadhilah, Izzati & Audrey told me what they wanted to say to Miss Leow & agreed to do vocals.
With their ideas & some of my own, I wrote a first draft for the lyrics.

After that, I got together with talented musicians, Jason Khu & Melvyn Tan, and started composing the melody.
It was a frustrating process because we were very short of time...
but we managed to come up with an awesome melody and some kick-ass lyrics to go with it.
The rehearsal & recording of the song came very soon after that.

I was so amazed at our work that I can't say it was all just us...
there was something divine in it!
I kept thinking...
God this is amazing! Thank You!

Listen to it yourself...
"Thank You"



A difference you made
Telling us we'd go far
Now you have to take flight
We know this is not the end for you

You gave us a fresh touch
Yet we won't be dependent
Your smiles and warmth
Enables us to bless our future students

We want to thank you
For the things you've done for us
We are better now
Than before

Thinking back
To the time when
I was a student in your class
you taught with heartfelt sincerity
to guide and inspire me

Imagine not
Having you there when
I'm back from this foreign land
I'd feel sad
I'd feel cold
I'd feel lost

Lyrics Writing & Vocals:
Jarod Yong Jik Kam
Nadhilah Saffini
Nurul Izzati MD Fuad
Audrey Kho Hui Yen

Music Composition & Playing:
Jason Khu
Melvyn Tan

Video Production:
Jason Khu
Nesaganth Racenamothy

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