07/08 Serie A Ends: Inter is Champion; Milan is 5th

picture taken from inter.it

After last night's fixtures, Inter Milan have won their 16th Scudetto Trophy!
They are top of the 2007/2008 Italian Serie A after beating FC Parma 2-0.
2nd placed AS Roma only managed to draw 1-1 in their game with Catania Calcio.
Newly promoted Juventus FC is at an impressive 3rd place.
Juventus was relegated to the Serie B last season after being found guilty of match fixing & referee bribing. This situation forced them to sell many star players but they pulled together to win the 2006/2007 Serie B & be promoted to the 2007/2008 Serie A.
From their performance in the Serie A this season, they have proven themselves to be truly a resilient side.

picture taken from acmilan.com

Despite winning against Udinese 4-1, AC Milan were still unable to attain 4th place in the Serie A because Fiorentina, who was & currently is 4th place, also won their game against Torino, 1-0.
Milan failed to qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League but 5th place actually qualifyies Milan for a different though lesser Europoean competition, the UEFA Cup.

The club has been positive about their situation.
The players are thankful for a good manager & supportive fans. They have declared that they are looking forward to doing better next season.
The manager has set a goal for the team to achieve next season. He has declared that the team will be start again looking for new victories. The team will also place more focus on the Italian league next season.

Congratulations, Inter...
Enjoy your victory!

Milan, do your best!
Let's be champions next season!

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