Visit Sarawak Like Moonshot Academy, Beijing!

If you are looking for an enriching & unique cultural exchange experience for your students, look no further! Visit SMK Tabuan Jaya (Sarawak State Sports School) like Moonshot Academy, Beijing, did in January 2019! This was also the first time my school hosted an international cultural exchange delegation!

What Is Moonshot Academy?

Moonshot Academy is a private school in Beijing that attempts to address... "What is the future? The origin of MSA stems from a constant inquiry on this question. Scientific advancement is changing the traditional professional system. Those seemingly popular jobs are overtaken by machines at an exponential speed. Climate challenge has turned from an allegedly irrelevant issue to a concrete and factual challenge. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has proposed "strengthening moral education and cultivating people" as the fundamental mission; more and more educators are asking the essential meaning of education. We, living in the present while looking beyond the future, decide to embark on this journey by initiating a future-oriented education project."

What Was In The Itinerary?

1. Sarawak Cuisine: Delegates experienced flavors unique to the land. From sup terung dayak ikan to nasi lemak to banana leaf rice to ais kacang to ooo jian, they experienced Dayak, Chinese, Malay, & Indian cuisines. Many of the delegates ate with just their (washed) hands for the first time!
2. Jungle Trekking: Delegates went jungle trekking in one of many national parks & experienced a green lung of the earth for themselves. We took one of the easier trails that ended in a majestic waterfall, which doubled as the reward for our efforts. Many delegates realized that they were more capable of overcoming great physical barriers than they thought they would.
3. Sarawak Cultural Village: Delegates delighted in the cultural performances from the ethnic groups in Sarawak & also visited unique life-sized architecture from the different ethnic groups. Delegates found plenty of pictures, videos, & stories to bring back home.
4. Damai Beach: Delegates took a break at the beach, but found a lot of plastic waste, so we took 3 for the sea.
5.  Netball: Delegates played netball for the first time in a clinic run by the state players at SMK Tabuan Jaya. All of the delegates were good sports & had a good time competing with each other.
6. Learned Malay (Language): Delegates learned some basic phrases in Malay, our national language, from the students at SMK Tabuan Jaya. Some basic Iban phrases were included too.
7. Made New Friends: Delegates interacted with the students at SMK Tabuan Jaya in meaningful ways. They conducted traditional games activities, Mandarin classes, shared about their hometowns, ate meals together, traveled together, & gave away delicious snacks & beautiful classroom decorations.

What Was Their Experience Like?

Check out this video of participants reflecting on their experience (in Mandarin).

Thank you for visiting, Moonshot Academy! My students are still talking about you today! You have left an indelible mark in their lives & changed how they thought about China for the better. They have also experienced firsthand that the world is bigger than just Malaysia & English has definitely gained a whole new level of relevance thanks to you! We look forward to welcoming you back again soon! We're still waiting for a brave person from Moonshot to try one of our sago worms! Challenge accepted?

Are you a school/student organization looking for a meaningful exchange in 2020? We would love to host you too! Send me an email! There is a slot for only 1 visit per year. Grab this opportunity while it's still available!

More photos:

Special thanks to my man, Piye, & the Moonshot Academy team for putting all this together!
Thanks also to the Principal of SMK Tabuan Jaya, senior assistants, staff, coaches, teachers, & students who went the extra mile to make this cultural exchange a success! You're awesome! Looking forward to a great 2020 with you!

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