Radio Nyawa Sarawak Interview (In BM): A Message For Teachers, Parents, & Students

If you have friends or family in rural Sarawak, they can tune in to Radio Nyawa Sarawak at Shortwave 11890KhZ on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 6-8pm.
I was recently interviewed by Radio Nyawa Sarawak (previously Radio Free Sarawak) & the interview was conducted in BM! I listened to it &, thankfully, I didn't embarrass myself so that's my I don't mind sharing it with you! Siapa nak dengar BM pelik saya, rebutlah peluang ini! LOL!!!

I recorded a message from my heart for teachers, parents, & students. I got so emotional talking about my pride for my students, I even cried during recording. I talked about the challenges at pedalaman schools. I also left some practical tips for rural parents who have to work far away from home. Education is a massive wicked problem & we need all hands on deck to work on it.

Listen to the radio program here:
My segment begins at 17:30.

Radio Nyawa Sarawak has been essential in exposing corruption, land-grabs, encroachment on forest reserves, & other abuses against Sarawak's rural communities. Let's support them by taking a second to like their Facebook page:

== Caption from Radio Nyawa Sarawak: ==

"Dalam programme Radio Nyawa Sarawak lemai tu, kitai dulu berandau enggau siku Penan activist ti benama Komeok, ti nyadi tuai sida nemuai ngagai Menteri Baru Bian, dikena netapka pengawa ti ngaga jalai raya Pan Borneo nadai ngerusak kandang menua sida. Iya bisi nusi penerang ari menteri Baru Bian.

Udah nya kami berandau enggau siku pengajar ti benama Jarod Yong ti nusui peneleba iya ti lama udah ngajar ba sekula di Katibas. Iya bisi nusui pasal sebengkah projek enggau asai peneleba iya pasal atur pelajar di Sarawak.

Semaya pengawa bepilih lebuh 9hb Lima, 2018 dipansutka ngagai kitai mayuh. Rose bisi ngenang pasal umur orang ti tau direjesta nyadi pengundi, tetap nambahka pemayuh ngagai satu million dalam kandang 2-3 taun tu ila. Semua rayat ti udah manggai umur 18 taun diatu patut ngerejista diri nyadi pengundi.

Udah nya dalam Kenang Pengarang ti ditusun Nicholl Ragai Lang ngenang pasal penyalah makai-suap. Diatu Najib seduai Bustari ti benung dipechara deka ditinggang ukum, perintah Malaysia nyengala ngereja pengawa ti nitihka adat, taja duit ti mayuh nya meri penguntung ngagai orang siku ti nabanka duit nya rari ngagai menua bukai.

Dikena ngujungka programme kitai malam tu ngena programme Ekonomi Rumah Panjai. Minggu tu kitai berandauka pasal Ai Tuak ti endang bekaul enggau pengarap bansa asal, ti digaga genap bilik bansa asal. Kami bisi bendau enggau sekeda orang ti landik ngaga Ai Tuak, sida ti udah masuk pekit ngaga Ai Tuak di Kuching apin lama ke udah, nanyaka penemu sida enti Ai Tuak digaga lalu dijual nyadika dagang. Lemai tu kita mendingka penerang ari Pn. Betty ari Kuching ngenang pasal Ai Tuak, Simon ari Sibu laban seduai sama bisi enggau berandauka pasal Ai Tuak ti tau dijual dikena ngangkatka pemanah penatai-pemisi orang ti pesisir. Lalu ningaka penemu sida enti Ai Tuak ti bekaul enggau pengarap bansa asal tau tachat enti Ai Tuak udah punas.

Pendingka Radio Nyawa Sarawak lalu dinga ka programme bukai nyengkaum berita Menua, Semua Tau Bejaku.



On today’s show, we speak first to Penan activist Komeok who headed a delegation to Minister of Works Baru Bian, concerned to ensure that the building of the Pan-Borneo Highway would have no ill-effects on their local environment. He shares the Minister’s assurances.

Then we speak to Jarod Yong, a young teacher who spent his early years in the profession teaching in a rural school in Katibas. He comes to us from his talk at TedX Kenyalang to share his project and feelings about rural education provision in Sarawak.

The May 9 election promised reform and two possible avenues are coming our way. Geoffrey from ROSE (Rise of Social Efforts) talks to us about the upcoming change to the minimum voting age which is estimated to put around a million names on the register in the next few years, as well as upcoming moves towards automatic voter registration. Then our Kenang Penarang with Nicholl Ragai Lang looks at the issue of accountability. As Najib faces trial and Bustari is hit with a fine, perhaps Malaysia is taking a step in the right direction, though equally a few million ringgit is an easy payment for a man who made millions before fleeing the country. Baby steps, perhaps?

We end with our regular slot on Ekonomi Rumah Panjai. This week, we look at Tuak, the sacred drink of the indigenous people which is made by almost every household, once exclusively for welcoming ceremonies, either for visitors or the spirits. We talk to several Tuak makers, most of whom featured in a recent Tuak showcase in Kuching, asking them how they feel about the commercialization of this cultural product, to be repurposed for evenings of fun. Listen to Betty of Kapit, Simon of Kuching and Sammy of Sibu as they each join the debate, pitting culture against the creation of a kampung economy and asking whether culture can survive if it ceases to innovate.

Tune in for all this and more, including our Berita Menoa. Semoa Kitai Tau Bejako!"

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