Human Chain Word Race: Vocabulary Activity

This is a vocabulary game I came up with for the 2019 Sarawak State English-In-Camp at SMK Santubong. The school had a scenic view of Mt Santubong & plenty of open spaces, so I wanted the participants to be enjoying nature outdoors while engaging their kinesthetic intelligence. Alas, it was scorching hot that afternoon, so we did the activity under a shade.

I'm also proud to announce that my school participated in BOTH the district & state level English-In-Camps for the first time under my watch! Moving closer to the goal of "membudayakan Bahasa Inggeris" at my school!

Human Chain Word Race

Goal: 2 teams will form word chains & human chains to reach the finish line.

1. Split the group into 2 teams with equal arm lengths. Do this by getting them to line up according to height & numbering them 1 & 2.
2. Coin toss to decide who (1) draws the topic of the word chain vs (2) starts the game. For example, they draw "verbs". Keep the topics simple for participants with beginner-level proficiency.
3. Both teams join hands to form respective human chains behind the starting line. They may use pens/bottles/shoes to avoid physical contact.
4. The last person of the human chain will say the first word. For example, "run". Then, she will move to the front of the line & continue the human chain.
5. Next, is the turn of the following team. The last person of the human chain must say the previous word/s &, then, add their own. This new word must begin with the last letter of the previous word. For example, "run, nibble". If she gets the word chain right, she can continue the human chain for her team.
6. Repeat #5 until one team crosses the finish line.
7. Losing team has to Chicken Dance with me, while the wining team sings.

*If a person fails to remember a word in the chain or remembers it out of sequence, the team loses the turn.
*Teammates can help with memorization of the word chain & creation of new words.

What are your thoughts? How can I improve this?
Also, if you've tried it out, how did it go?

More photos here:

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