Always Use Protection

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how I met my girlfriend & got together with her. We've been together for 3 months now &, even though we only meet once a fortnight, our relationship is still going strong. Being away from each other for such long periods only makes the eventual embrace even more passionate & euphoric.

Having a girlfriend may be the unrealised dream of many men, but it must be taken very seriously as it is truly dangerous business. Girlfriends like mine have taken the lives of many single men & those of married men. So you really have to be careful if you want to ride one.

This type of protection is important too. Unfortunately, it's not what I'm going to talk about.
Every time I ride my girlfriend, I make sure that I always use protection. There is no such thing as too much protection. Especially when I take my girlfriend on looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong rides to distant lands.

Sturdy Full-Face Helmet
Obviously the most important piece of protection & you should have it on at all times.
Do not be shy about spending money on a good helmet. Make sure it is SIRIM approved.
Make sure it is a snug fit. You wouldn't want it to come off in the middle of the road now, do you?
Make sure it is COMFORTABLE. There are plenty of choices. Shop around & try before you buy.
Mine is a Zeus modular helmet which means I can actually lift up the front of the helmet. RM800.

Reinforced Gloves
I think gloves are the second most important piece of protection for a biker.
Gloves are not just cosmetic. Although, I had to admit, they do make me look badass. They also protect my knuckles.
The hands of bikers are totally exposed as they ride their bikes. Imagine a car door opening suddenly. Yeah, ouch.
Mine have reinforced plastic over the knuckles from Furygan. RM400.

Biker Jacket
A leather biker jacket looks bloody good, doesn't it? Check me out in full gear. I'll even let you touch me.
When you do, you'll notice that there are parts of my jacket with built-in plates protecting major joints & an aerodynamic turtle shell for the back. That's why REAL biker jackets are so expensive. It's practically body armour.
Mine is a Komine leather jacket with pores to allow air to circulate under the jacket. RM1300.

Knee & Shin Pads
Besides the knuckles, the legs of a rider are also completely exposed when riding. If a rider falls, the first part of his body to touch the ground is his feet. At high speed, imagine what the friction between flesh & asphalt would do.
I use mine on long distance rides as an alternative to padded biker pants.
Mine are from Fox. RM300.

Biker Shoes
If you have the extra cash, get some biker shoes for your long distance rides. Biker shoes are unlike conventional shoes (such as the sneakers in the picture). They provide additional protection & support to your ankles.
Good ones will set you back around RM1000.
I'll get one as soon as I can find a real girlfriend to pay for them.

Lots of Rest
Don't be a hero. When you feel tired, and you will, REST!
You will feel tired after just 30 minutes of riding. Yup, it's that difficult. Imagine sitting in the same position for an hour with only a small part of your groin to support your body weight. Also, imagine the heat down there!
Have some iced coffee to boost your senses. RM2. Hydrate often too.

Suited Up & Ready To Roll!
My girlfriend, the Kawasaki ER-6f. Isn't she beautiful?
A knapsack fits perfectly at the back & supported by the elevated pillion seat. A hot chick would fit perfectly too.
I rode all the way from Kuching to Sibu for 8 hours in this gear. There was discomfort & some circulation obstruction. I compensated by resting often.
Getting to the destination in one piece. Priceless.
Biking is a lot of fun. Esp when you bike has more than enough power for your speed fix. Honestly, I overtook every car on the road with total ease!
However, riding a bike is serious business. It's extremely dangerous & there are a lot of risks.
I'm sure you're family (just like mine) will give you a full time course on its dangers. They do that because they care for you. Appreciate their concerns & address them.

Honestly, we cannot live life avoiding all risks. That is no way to live. We would not have done anything worthwhile in our lives if we were so afraid of the risks. Every single thing in the world has its risks! Some things in life are worth risking it all for.
Neither is it a recipe for success. Imagine if the successful people you knew ran away from all the risks in their lives. They'd probably become a teacher. lol.
What we should do is manage risk. Use our God given intellect & exercise wisdom.

Don't be a moron. You can embrace risk & act stupid. You might actually get away with it for a long long time. But remember, it only takes 1 accident to rob you of your life; or even worse.
Be smart. Suit up. Always use protection.

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