koko's 2011 Kapit Run - Day 2

Day 2 - 5.30pm, Friday, 18 November 2011

Today, I donned my climacool armour, put on my trusty Asics boots & set out to explore the unknown lands beyond the mystic arc of which was etched this warning: "Selamat Datang ke Kampung Muhibbah Beleteh Kapit".
I saw it during Day 1, got very interested, but didn't have the time then.

Kompleks Kerajaan Negeri Kapit
another severely underutilised overly air-conditioned buildings built with an eye to the super distant future
On my way, I explored the commercial lots before stumbling upon a massive castle. It was the biggest in the land. A majestic green giant shining in the setting sun. All the tribal leaders have an office here. They have meetings here too.
Storm clouds were gathering so I admired the castle from afar & made haste on my journey.

At last, I arrived at Kampung Muhibbah Beleteh Kapit.
Most of the villagers were friendly. Most smiled at me while a few even greeted me. The local populace was a mixture of Malay, Iban & Chinese.
The children looked on curiously as I jogged past. They were probably used to seeing knights on horses instead of running around in designer shorts.

At the end of the road, I did not expect to find a river & a dangling imitation of LA's Golden Gate bridge hanging over it.
I loved to be on the narrow slightly wobbly bridge. It felt really secure with the waist-high metal fences on both sides.
Kampung Baru Kapit was on the other side & it was very similar to Kampung Muhibbah Beleteh except the former is bigger & has cute school-aged girls staring at me & excitedly calling me names like "Cikgu!".

view on the way back
At the end of the day, I clocked in another 1 hour of cardio & plenty of fun! My knee needed ice treatment again though...

Since we're talking about the area, let me share with you my experience with the eateries in the area.

Decent: 99 Seafood Cafe
I had Pork + Soya Sauce (Good) & Bitter Gourd + Salted Eggs (Decent) for less than RM15.
I think I would have had something more adventurous or unique had there been a less clueless waitress. She had no idea what the chef was capable of & would scoot off to the kitchen to check if such & such was available.
Still, quick service & the meal was decent.

There was a couple selling burgers there but as per usual in Kapit, the patty & bread let the burger down.
The burgers are not worth a try.

They serve Kampua noodles (haven't tried this) at night.
So if you have a craving for those (I don't know why you might), this is the place to go.

Decent: Restoran Bahagia
I had Pork Ribs King (Decent) & Stir Fried Kailan (Chinese Broccoli)(Good) for less than RM15.
Having dined at almost every restaurant in Kapit, I'd say this restaurant is up to the standard. The high attendance there on a Thursday evening indicates some quality there as did the excellently done simple stir fry I ordered.
Worth a try.
Recommended: Happy Garden
I had Pork + Lemon Grass (VERY GOOD) & Vege Soup (Decent) for less than RM20.
Pricier than other similar establishments but I'd say it's worth it. I've been here at least 3 times & I find the food here very palatable. Probably the tastiest Chinese cooking in Kapit!
Highly recommended!


  1. U went to TWO restaurants in a night?!

    Love how you describe the place and all. I can imagine myself being there. =)

  2. Wow,seems like you really enjoyed yourself at kapit! Ha!

  3. Celine: hahaha~!!
    Nope. I wrote about the restaurants in the area. I went there on different nights during my 1 month + in Kapit.

    LiPing: You only get to live once!

  4. hey there.

    when u talked about burgers, i just felt this crazy urge inside to drop a comment here. they're two burger stalls in Kampung Baru Kapit and one of them is my uncle's. see it used to be my dad's, but we moved to kuching and the rest is history. so basically i was raised with the 'burger money' (which explains the crazy urge to drop comment bla bla bla) haha. next time u ever come to kapit... go check it out. yellow stall, overlooking the river, next to the bus stop and there's a kampong house on top (that's ours). it's not that bad, actually. =)

  5. whoa,i just realized this could be one of the burger stalls that have let u down... HAHA!

    err..imma duck away before i embarrassed myself even more. good day! =)

  6. Bintang:
    I have a lot of respect for your parents who worked hard to raise you.

    I get most of the burgers in town but I'll check out the burger stalls in Kampung Baru the next time I spend the night in Kapit. =)


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