SBPA: Now Every Civil Servant Can Be Rich... er!!

The way this transition to SPBA was handled, kind of feels like a get rich quick scheme. They promise you the moon (naik gaji up to 40%, kenaikan gaji tahunan up to RM300 & it's apparently the best in the world), they rush you (15 days), they offer you high returns that are not guaranteed (no official jadual gaji released to date) & refuse to give you details besides big nice sounding words or bombastic acronyms because it's "sulit".

These ivory tower policy makers either think that we do not have any other choice or they're afraid too many people will sign up. Anyway, they spent RM2bil on SPBA. Imagine the zeros.
One of them gives it to us straight. We never force you. You want, you sign la. Not happy, don't sign la.

Back in 2002, when people had to decide on SSM, they were given 30 days to do so. I think this should be the minimum because they had to decide on their long-term financial future. They probably had to discuss it with their families & think it through calmly too.
It was also done in October when everybody would still be at work. Doing it during the last 2 weeks of December, somehow reflects the last minute rush everyone is too familiar with back in uni. Not to mention the worry & frustration caused to officers working in the interiors who are away on holiday. It's the Christmas break for God's sake!

Well, it is not my place to talk about people with power. I have to menurut perintah & you know what they say about power...
I just hope that when whoever is reading this, rises to a position of power, do not forget the plight of the lowly minions like me.
If you want to screw us over, at least do it with a smile & leave us thinking that we're getting a great deal. We actually have brains so you'll have to try harder than promises & mystery gifts.

SBPA (Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam) for Teachers
Here is what I've learned with whatever scraps I could find.
Do take note that I am not an expert from JPA. I am just as confused as you are but I might be slightly more intelligent & possibly possess superior Internet & social skills.
**I may update this post as new information becomes available. Updates will be labelled.**

taken from The Malaysian Insider
I bet you skipped past this wonderfully concise graphic summary of SBPA, didn't you?!
Go back & read it, you lazy bum!
Whatever is already mentioned above I will not explain again because it's the typical sugar coated inspirational writing with low-frequency pompous vocabulary that looks beautiful on paper & is yet to prove itself in application thing we are so familiar with on the ground.

Different Circular Number for Education Dept (DG)
Before we begin, let me clarify that there is a special circular on SBPA just for education officers (DG): PEKELILING PERKHIDMATAN BILANGAN 13 TAHUN 2011
Always check the first page & keep this in mind when signing the SPBA forms because they are different!

Teachers are Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan (PPP)
All teachers are now classified as PPP under SBPA.
Used to be PPPS (Degree) & PPPLD (Diploma) under SSM.

No More Hakiki, KUP or Cemerlang.
All will be either Guru Biasa (DG1-1 & DG1-2), Guru Kanan (DG1-4 & DG1-5), Guru Wibawa (DG1-6) or Pendeta Guru (Khas).
However, you can still up your grade based on kecemerlangan tanpa mengisi kekosongan jawatan. Probably means, there will still be a Guru Cemerlang programme but it will be integrated into the new SBPA pay system instead of being something 'special' like it is under SSM.

The 3 Types of Gaji & Their Annual Salary Increments (KGT)
1. Gaji Single Point > Kumpulan Premier
frasa 36: "Gaji Single Point adalah diperuntuk bagi jawatan KPPM (Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia)."
This dude will be assessed with KPIs & will get the best deal of all. He wont be reading this so I wont waste my time. Anyway, there is no information on his increments.

2. Gaji Minimum-Maksimum > Kumpulan Pengurusan Tertinggi
frasa 43: "Jadual Gaji Minimum-Maksimum adalah diperuntuk untuk Jawatan Utama / Gred Khas di bawah Kumpulan Pengurusan Tertinggi PPP seperti di Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bilangan 12 Tahun 2011."
This group will get increments of 5% (Menepati Sasaran), 10% (Melebihi Sasaran) and 15% (Melebihi Sasaran Signifikan) based on their assessment results.

3. Gaji Sebaris > Kumpulan Pengurusan & Professional serta Kumpulan Pelaksana
frasa 60: "Gaji Sebaris - JGS adalah dibentuk bagi menggantikan JGM (Matrix aka. 3 tangga) sedia ada turut terpakai bagi PPP."
Unlike SSM, annual increments for this group under SBPA is fixed based on your grade.
Exp: DG1-1 has an annual increment of RM225 every year.
All you have to do to qualify is receive at least 70 points in your LNPT annual assessment. If you get less than 70 for 3 straight years, you will be vetted & probably given early retirement.
You know what that means! Oh, my nose so BROWN!

Higher Salary Ceiling Under SBPA
select 'view image' to view a larger image
There used to be a problem of officers reaching the salary cap for their grade & getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to naik pangkat & enjoy annual increments. Not anymore!
Now we have more time to sit in the office, enjoy the air-con & eat kuih until pencen! WOO!

WTH is Jumud?
You will find this low-frequency word used very frequently in the circular.
Check it out in Google Translate.
Okay, now I'll give you the meaning according to SBPA:
Dijumudkan = Dihapuskan = Removed

How Will They Calculate My Pay Under SBPA?
Firstly, your basic salary on 31 Dec under SSM will be increased by 1 step on 1 Jan. Then, it will be matched with the equivalent under SBPA (usually a higher number). FURTHERMORE, you will then receive another increment under SBPA for 2012.
Meaning, you receive two increments in 2012 for accepting SBPA. One under SSM on Jan 1 & another when you reach your Bulan Gerak Gaji under SBPA.

Exp: Me.
Dec 31 > DG41 P1T6 = 2148.10
Jan 1 >    DG41 P1T7 = 2238.55
               DG1-1 T3 = 2375 (SPBA Equivalent)
               DG1-1 T4 = 2600 (My NEW Basic Salary under SBPA)

**17:19 22/12 Update**
THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! I am paid the same as those who came a year after me. What gives?
Apparently they are going to balance it by giving the more senior ones an earlier Tarikh Kenaikan Gaji (TKG) & the juniors a later TKG.
Let's say I am the most senior in my SBPA tangga gaji. When I get into SBPA, my TKG will be Jan while my 1 tangga gaji lower (SSM) junior will get it on the next TKG which is in April & so on.

TKG: Jan, Apr, Jul or Oct.
Based on the above, my actual TKG will be in April.

Tangga Gaji Guru Under SBPA
The Holy Jadual Gaji & Details On The Fastest Time-Based Route Upwards
Here's what you've all been waiting for & the BIG SECRET that nobody wants you to know & they'll psycho you during the taklimats asking, "kamu percaya kah? percaya kah dari internet ni?"
F them. What have you got to lose by arming yourself with some inaccurate knowledge with a JPA logo on the PPT slide & dream about how you're going to squander all of that tax-payer's money?

SO MANY FORMS!!! Which Forms Do I Use?
Based on your situation, you fill in F & one of the other forms.
You may leave some of the details blank because your KJ is supposed to fill them in anyway. Just sign & post. Esp if you live far away from where you work.

You have 11 more days to hand in the forms (deadline 30 Dec). Though, in reality, the time you have de facto is shorter because your school has to process the damm paperwork & key in the details online before a specific date.
**22:53 26/12 Update** The due date to sign up for SBPA has been extended to 15 January 2012.
However, the due date for the Opsyen Umur Persaraan Paksa (Form F) remains at 30 Dec.

You can download circular #13 for teachers here. The forms will be at the end of the PDF file.
DO NOT ASK ME WHAT PDF IS. I will stab you. Seriously.

F: Opsyen Umur Persaraan Paksa
Tick & sign whether you want to keep teaching even when you move slower than a crawling toddler, your teeth & hair are falling out, you have trouble getting it up & your grandchildren are in your classes.
**21:49 19/12 Update** You don't have to retire at 60 to qualify for SPBA. You can get SBPA even though you wish to retire at 58.

G: Skim Perkhidmatan yang Digabung, Dinaik Taraf, Penarafan Semula atau Pemansuhan Fungsi
Most of us would fall into this category if you have been "Sah". 2 copies.
Many schools have asked their teachers to fill in this form.
**20:55 19/12 Update** If your grade is listed here, fill this form.

H: Jawatan Jumud Sebelum Pelaksanaan SBPA & Dihapuskan Jawatan (Pegawai yang Telah Memenuhi Syarat)
I have no idea who this is for but I filled it in anyway. Didn't want to travel all the way back into the jungle or waste my meagre salary on Pos Laju. 2 copies.

J: Jawatan Jumud Sebelum Pelaksanaan SBPA & Dihapuskan Jawatan (Pegawai yang Belum Memenuhi Syarat)
I think this is for those in the DC grade who have not been "Sah". 2 copies.

Further Reading
The SBPA is way bigger than the mere remuneration that I have so eloquently described in this blog post.
Do take some time off the year end break to READ. MALAYSIANS NEED TO READ MORE!

Subsequent Circulars Released After SBPA.
Program Bersepadu Potensi Dan Kompetensi (PROSPEK) - This is how you will be vetted if you want to naik pangkat.
Peperiksaan Perkhidmatan Awam - Not relevant to "Sah" teachers. Maybe for those who are not.
Program Transformasi Minda - Those of you who have not been to Khursus Induksi will have to experience this. I pity you. Though it does sound much nicer & will probably be more interesting?
Penganugerahan Pingat Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (PPC) Dan Pemberian Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (APC) - This musical chair farce is taken to a whole new level. Now, you can calonkan someone to receive a medal from some big shot. Then, he will also receive a cert & RM1k cash as in APC.
**17:26 22/12 Update** Pelaksanaan Dasar Pemisah (Exit Policy) Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam -Very interesting & equally important. If you chose to ignore the others above, you must read this one.

SBPA PowerPoint Slides
I am in possession of 3 PowerPoint slides of information regarding SBPA for teachers.
Hot chicks can send me a flying kiss for a copy. Guys can just ask & get out of my sight.
Seriously, just send me a nicely worded email or, even better, LEAVE A COMMENT!


  1. yo koko, 1 copy please of the said slide. MMUUAAHHHH

    I'm sure u got my email. <-- If u dont.

    Oh and another MMMUUUAAHHH for you

  2. Look promising hehe. I might be able to travel at the end of next year after all. ;) thanks jarod!!

  3. Dear Koko,

    Can I have the jadual gaji please? Btw, the fixed rm225 per year increament seems to be unfair for people who works longer, under ssm there will be a steady 5% increament based on your gaji pokok- 10 years from now, if we reach the gaji pokok t13- rm4625, the 225 increament is only a mere 4% of our gaji 2011, 225 seems to be a big increament but in 10 years time based on the current economic climate and inflation rm225 may not worth anything...

  4. ...mind boggling, yaaww... think i'll do some serious reflection WITH my toilet..after all, we've been thru' a lot of shits together-gether... CHILL OUT and LAY BACK, beb... cheers!

    p/s: i'll make a comeback.. later!

  5. i dunno how u managed to digest all those. *bows*

    this post has lighted up a very very dark passageway and for VERY thankful.

    cud i have the slides..pls? Thx much Jarod! Will owez check for any updates regarding this matter. ;)

  6. i skipped EVERYTHING..dont hav any idea wats it abt!lol

  7. Thank you for the insightful entry... Very delightful read and it confirmed my views on SBPA after reading the pekeliling. It scared me a bit that the pekeliling was very harsh as though the gov was worried that no one will sign it (why so many forms and protocols? and why the 'threats' on the newspaper?) and I felt 'forced' to sign because I'm scared of missing out (heck we're receiving more money whoo!) but we're given such a short time to think it through and hand in our replies like wtf??? And the dodgy lampiran C which you mentioned as well... Anyone who just scanned the pekeliling prolly wouldn't notice that the most important bit (for me la) of the whole deal is missing because seriously after page 10 it kinda gets boring and difficult to digest. so yeah job well done and hopefully CUEPACs can get something more out from le PM as I type this.

  8. First of all Koko, I want to congratulate you for taking the time to summarize what is important under SBPA and made it somewhat entertaining.

    Secondly, I wish to point out that it's quite misleading to say there will be 2 increments when you opt for SBPA. The first increment is given under the SSM which is correct but the increment given in 2012 is only in the bulan kenaikan gaji tahunan (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct)which is subject to your work performance in 2011. Yes/No? Those whose kenaikan gaji tahunan is in Jan will see it as a second increment like yourself, but in actual fact it's the one you get for working hard... enough ;)

    Last but not least, I would like to compliment your photography skill. You made that guy in your blog look hot :)

  9. Hahahahah! dang it! u sooo totally got me at the scrolling pass the picture thing. HAHA!

    "DO NOT ASK ME WHAT PDF IS. I will stab you. Seriously."


  10. Ah!!! You're going to be rich! What are you buying me for Christmas...or Chinese New Year? Wink! Wink!

  11. This is the first time I've completely read such a 'bahasa rojak' article.

    But one thing baffles me. Can Malaysia really sustain such large amounts of payouts?

  12. I can't believe myself for reading this until the end but you manage to open my eyes to see clearer what SBPA is all I'm wondering if I must sign for it or not. Will be checking for updates regarding this matter....Thank you liang chai ^_^

  13. Nas:
    Sent! Muah back to you!

    Use what you have wisely & you can do MORE than travel.

    Sheela Anas:
    The KGT for DG1-1 will increase to 230 at T17.
    You are right about inflation. In 10 years time, all of this will be peanuts. However, SBPA will be replaced in 2020 just as the peanuts are turning into sesame seeds.

    Once you're done thinking with your ass, you should start thinking with your head.

    With the right attitude, anyone could have digested it. The concept is simplify the complex & see the big picture.

    Then, you shouldn't be here in the first place.

    Well, teachers don't have to worry much. We can always do tuition or a side-business to supplement our income. Personally, I think that GC & such is a big waste of time if a teacher is into money. But if it's glory, then that's another story.

    I signed BUTA because I work in the jungle. Hopefully, with this info, you guys don't have to.

    Well, technically it is 2 increments. First, an increment with SSM for free on Jan 1. Then, another increment under SBPA on your Bulan Gerak Gaji. Both in 2012 so... two.

    Who's the guy? Talking about me? hahahhahaa~~~

    I knew it! And you're not the only one! hahaha~~~

    Hey, you're going to be rich too, okay?
    5% increment for pensions! That's like extra nasi lemak every day!

    Can. Keep filling holes with borrowed funds from Petronas, KWSP, ASB, ASM & etc.
    Petronas is always innovating so it will make money for the government.
    Bumiputeras will keep buying ASB so the funds from there are nearly limitless.
    Besides, don't you notice the government is doing a lot of new Amanah Saham & etc to get ppl to invest in this fund or that fund?

    Whatever it is, I am not going to depend totally on Malaysian Gov. Anyone who thinks like that would be foolish.

    My pleasure, maam. Do share this information with others.
    And if you have anything to add, please do.

  14. Thanks for being so entertaning on something soooo dry and tedious.

  15. Jarod, another good read and well written piece from you! I hope you don't mind me sharing it with an FB Group of Sabah's teachers. Plus, can I have a copy of the slide?
    Thank heaps

  16. please do share ur PowerPoint at my email Thanks!!!

  17. Faisal: Share away! Sent you the slides too!

    Hwang: Sent.

  18. Laurence LD25/12/11 01:09

    Hye Mr. Koko,

    Firstly, salute! It's a masterpiece you have here.
    Secondly, bravo! For being an eye-opener (at least for me)on this matter.
    Thirdly, been 'menurut perintah' so often that I don't really get the content (SBPA) yet I enjoy reading it (the blog). So, it is an effective writing?

    still, muahh!
    Hope you'll share the slides so I'll share with others who will share in real-time discussion on this.

    Thanks yo!

  19. Can sent me one?

    many thanks.


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