A Warning To All Malaysian Bloggers

To all you Malaysian bloggers with blogs that are available for public viewing, I have a grave warning for you.
Keep this in mind every time you want to write about something related to an organisation that is in a position to cause harm or inconvenience to you or your connections.

I have recently had to write a letter of apology for a post I wrote about my visit to a local award-winning school. It was a simple post to share my experience with my readers.
In that blog post, there was a very brief critique of their teaching techniques. I said that the teaching methods in this school was not that much different from other schools.

Several months after being published, the principal of the school got to read the critique & apparently became really angry about it.
Although she was not in a position to harm me, I visited the school as a student of my institute. If I do not take remedial action, my institute & the person who arranged the visit would receive a bad reputation.

Here is what I have learned...
I realised that a majority of the people with authority in my great nation are not ready for free thought & public critique. They get really emotional & react according to that emotion.
Sometimes they use their authority or power for ‘pay back’.

Therefore, I have got two tips for my fellow bloggers…
#1 Keep Things Anonymous. If you do not have something favourable or nice to say, do not state any names directly. Hints may be employed to reveal the identity of the party to be mentioned.
#2 Symbols are a blogger's best friend. Even the noobest of noobs can google. My post was discovered with google. If you absolutely have to state the name, be smart about it. Do it so search engines cant find it. Use spaces or any other symbols. Exp: “Putrajaya” = “Putra-jaya” = “Put+ra+ja+ya” = “Put^raja^ya” = “Putr@j@y@”

I hope that the principal’s passion & determination in calling up my lecturers to make an angry complaint about me, is also reflected in her desire to improve her institution. I hope that she is equally as focused on preserving pedagogic quality as she is on preserving reputation.

If anyone has any grievances or complaints to make regarding what I have written here on my blog, please bring it up with me so the problem can be dealt with directly.
My email is clearly displayed on my blog. USE IT. I will respond accordingly & appreciatively.


  1. WoW! i can't believe this!I dont see the need of an apology...you are merely expressing your opinions which are totally yours to say. and your statements have always been subtle and constructive. nothing degrading and destructive.

    Geez, I have no respect for people who cant take building critique and suck it in!

  2. Hey Koko!

    Remember the post about my tutor? Haha. Guess what! She found my blog and read it too! So there was one day, she said it out in class (but she didn't mention me) and she repeated the bodoh sombong thingy. Haha!
    Since most of my classmates follow my blog, they knew what she was talking about and after that, the bodoh sombong became an issue in the class!
    But luckily my tutor was okay with the idea of 'this is a free world and i'm free to voice out', she was emo for only a day and from that day onwards, she didn't say anything about bodoh sombong already!

  3. I guess I don't need to remind you about all the trouble that my writing has landed me in. It sucks. Gone are the days when we were able to write freely about anything we want. With growth comes more responsibility, and I guess that applies to blogging as well :(

  4. wow, that's pretty shitty. What's with all the "freedom of speaking" shits they always emphasis?

    That is why I have unlisted my blog from search engines, though I can still find myself in Yahoo's search. "/

  5. hahaha... yeah... there goes the freedom of speech.... FREE DON'T SPEAK... You know.. its still Malaysia we are talking bout... ur lucky, they didn't send the ISA up ur back..lol.. but don't let tat discourage you.. the only reason they are angry is because they know that they are wrong and can't accept the truth and not willing to improve.. there is still FOS.. just that we have to use it wisely here in Malaysia...

  6. wow. is this for real?

    thnx for the reminder.

  7. I'd link ur blog 2 mine..
    okay bro..

  8. OMG jarod. Obviously she did not do it in desire to improve her institution. Stop giving her credit or hoping that was her intention. You are either being brilliantly sarcastic =) or seriously delusional.

    And it is YOUR blog therefore you do not have to be politically correct. People can comment on your post,like it, hate it, have a negative opinon but what right do they have to make complaints or grievances unless you made an unjust statement that could harm or defame a person out of spite. If you were stating facts, why should they threaten you to cover up?

    Then again, that, is constantly done in the dewan rakyat, newspapers, and magazines.

    Seriously, giving in to such threats is only condoning more threats to come your way. I understand your difficult position, and maybe in your case it was utterly necessary to write that apology letter. But for the rest, who HAVE a choice to not restrain their statement and not have their career in jeopardy, why should you restrain your true thoughts if you can delectably write it out to create more awareness on the unjust or incompetence you have witnessed?

    Don't let fear cripple you.

  9. Oh some people are just so touchy.

    Keep on writing from your honesty, Jarod. You have always presented your views quite fairly - and even if you don't, it is still your blog anyway.

  10. omg!but thn i think tht its up 2 u wht to write since its yor blog n thts wht blog is all abt...n tell me bout tht P%t$$$$$ SKOL.haha

  11. I hate to be so indirect in my blogs but most of the time, I have to in order to make sure it's "non-threatening".. yikes

  12. Poh Lin:
    As the writer, we may think that our opinions are justified.
    But walking in her shoes, our writing might have caused a considerable ammount of damage...

    I take it as it is...
    A feedback to my writing...
    I'm still learning to be a better blogger!

    She found out, eh?
    I'm sure you're pretty glad that she didn't overeact, eh?

    Yeah... Esp when your blog is public for the world to see!

    True... We have to be smart about how we tell a story...

    It is more real than I wish it was!

    More than glad to be linked!

    I'm assuming that she has been working on improving her institution...
    This way, I live a longer life & I wont waste my time thinking about something that does not really matter to me in my short life.

    I'm wrote this letter of apology because it would affect the reputation of my institution.
    I wanted to make life easier for my lecturers.
    I can just leave & nothing will happen to me. But I care for my lecturers.

    As I join the government service, I'll have to check out the Malaysian laws regarding blogging to make sure that I do not cause any more problems, esp for myself.
    I'm not giving in to censoring my thoughts...

    I'm just going to hide them in deep implicitness.
    I will not be crippled.
    This blog keeps me thinking & keeps me fresh in the language.

    Thanks for your support, Trish...

    We have all been to that "top" school in Malaysia.
    I'm sure you can still remember the visit.

    You & I both!


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