The Grades for My Degree

Today, the grades of my cohort were posted up on the notice boards.

Here are mine:
Victoria University of Wellington
Bachelor of Education TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Level: 2.1 (Second Class Upper)
Practicum: Merit (Cemerlang)

I'm happy with what I got!
And I know I didn't do it all by myself so...

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Firstly, I'd like to thank my God who has granted me favour & turned various circumstances around to grant me an advantage.
My success is a testimony of your love.
I'd like to thank my father who made me sign up for this "go-overseas-for-free" course.
I'd like to thank my mother who supported me all the way.

I'd like to thank the men of Cohort 2.
We helped each other through many tough times & had many one-night stands together rushing to complete assignments.
You are my family not in blood but in spirit.
Esp you, the monkeys!

I'd like to thank the ladies of Cohort 2.
Thanks for giving me so much love & support throughout the 5.5 years.
Thanks for being the ones to give your 100 & 1 percent during events I took charge of.
The countless dances, performances, the 2005 Yearbook, the 2008 Teachers Day & the 2008 Post-Practicum Seminars.

I'd like to thank my lecturers.
Both IPBA & VUW.
Some of you have set a great example for me.
Especially Dr Lawrence, Dr Norasiah, Mr Manoharan, Dr Jon Newton, Laila Faisal, Dr Zahedah & Dr Chong.
Many lecturers who have or haven't taught me have encouraged me & supported me. Thank you.
Several of you have shown me what not to become. I thank you too.

I'd like to thank the Cohort 1.
As seniors, many of you have walked me through a lonely yellow road that you have trodden before me.
Some of you have even become my friends.
Your relationship & kindness is greatly appreciated.
One of you has been giving me tremendous support on the emotional & affection side. Thanks, babe.

I'd like to also thank all the other people who have contributed but have not been included in this list.
Leave a comment!
Make yourself known!

My first degree is guaranteed!


  1. hey..congrats2! waaahh improvement in ipba..during our time mana ada the overall grade results being posted on noticeboards pun..only the practicum grades were displayed..huhu..n we were left wondering about our honours equivalent level until the day before i went to Sabah, coz only by then the equivalent letters were ready, with all the pointers n such.. good2.. nway, i wish that u will get a good place to start ur teaching career soon. cheers..

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! vf a sincere heart!

  3. well done koko! am proud of ya!

    p/s thx for leaving all the comments in my blog tho i don't always reply....hahaha...but i read them ;)

  4. Congratulations! :) You've done really well!! :)

  5. Congrates Jarod!! :D
    Felicitation!! ehe..

  6. Well done, babe!

    You've come a long way...but there's an even longer road waiting to be discovered by you.

    You are one of the most positive souls Ive ever met and having seen your passion for teaching, I think you have picked the right profession. Your future students are a lucky bunch.

    I'm excited to see you graduate and bring the passion into the classroom. You are set for many wonderful things in the future!


  7. congratulations! keep pressing on! :)

  8. hey bro..
    congratz :)

  9. congrat jarod,wah 2nd upper...

  10. WooHoo! !




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