I Brought Choral Speaking To NYC

Can you believe that I actually brought Choral Speaking to NYC?

When you search on Youtube, it seems that choral speaking is extremely popular in Malaysia, but practiced nowhere else, as I couldn't find many videos from other countries. So, come NYC, you might be world-famous city, but there's always something you can learn from good ol' Malaysia. Let this cikgu show you what you've been missing out on.

On their Graduation Day, my High Beginner ESOL class at AMPHS performed a choral speaking piece I wrote, "Our English Class". I wanted the guests (& especially funders $$$$) to hear from the students' mouths what actually goes on in their class & why they are taking the class. Check out the video, listen to the piece & you'll find out too.

Originally, I wanted a student to be the conductor, but we didn't have much time to practice, so I decided to conduct a performance myself for the first time in my life. Let me know how I can do better. Also, don't stare at my butt too much, please.

If you haven't tried Choral Speaking, it is an excellent way for your students to work on fluency & pronunciation. It's especially great for beginner students. Many of my students couldn't speak English very well & felt very shy about using English in public (I know one student who is embarrassed to even order a cup of coffee!).

However, now they can proudly say that they've both overcame stage fright & performed completely in English for the first time in their lives. This will go a long way in improving their self-efficacy & self-esteem when it comes to their mastery of English.

Good job, students! =)

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