Someone Deserves A Slap!

The first day of school was uneventful.
It was "report card day" where parents come to see the class teacher & discuss the child's performance.
We met the school leadership, hung around the staffroom, mingled with the friendly teachers & staff as well as asking teachers about the classes we were going to take over.

*wondering if any of my students are reading this*
Form 1 Maju & Form 4 ERT of SMK Puteri Titiwangsa...
Looks like you'll be stuck with the pragmatic koko' for the next 3 months!

Story of the day:

Someone really deserves a real hard slap!
Cikgu Shim TetChon!
When the four of us were in a meeting with Mdm Lim, the assistant principal (Penolong Kanan), my beloved friend just had to make this cheesy joke...

Mdm Lim: *hopeful* "It's good to have you guys here. I believe you will be able to persuade the students here to concentrate in class. Especially the weaker classes."

Cikgu Shim: *confidently* "Don't worry, maam."
*proceeds to place a hand on my lap*
"Our friend here is good in *emphasis* persuading girls."

Mdm Lim turns towards me & studies me.
koko': ...... *flabbergasted* *speechless*

Trying to cover me but failing miserably...
Cikgu Nesa: "It's in a *emphasis* good way."

And I did not help my already tarnished impression with this stupid statement...
koko': *confused* "I'm a good boy."


  1. Muahaha.....Oh gosh... How awkward was that!?

  2. dodgy dodgy dodgy!!! must be what was in her mind. hahaha. all the best!

  3. fayfantastic:
    It was really really awkward...
    I felt like a fool!

    She's the smart & clever type of woman...
    Even though, I think she knew that it was a joke...
    I can be sure that she'll be keeping a close eye on me for my 3 months in the school!

    Thanks, Jess!

  4. are u sure u are a good boy????? lol...

  5. Of course I am!

    I know I have the ability to persuade...
    But being able to persuade does not make you bad...

    It's how you use it...
    And I use it for good.


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