To Love A Woman

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I can speak of words like candyfloss
To seduce & tame even the wildest of femina
Yet I have never taken pride in this gift of the gab
Because I know deep inside...

I can pleasure with countless repetition
Leading her into a moment of mutual euphoric explosion
Yet this I do not do, though I feel the burning desire
Because I know deep inside...

People have started quoting what I say about love
Someone I am particularly fond of likes to do so
But more often than I am comfortable with
Because I know deep inside...

Someone said that I should write a romance novel
Yes, I have learnt a lot about love
Yet I am unable to write, though I lift the pen
Because I know deep inside...

There are many women in my life
Many of whom have got what I want
Yet I am helpless to pursue
Because deep inside...

This feeling it sneaks up on me
Every time it does, I receive a surge of inspiration
My best poems were written high on this sensation
Because deep inside...

Countless nights I spent on my balcony staring into the emptiness
With a lighted cigarette and smooth white smoke billowing from out of my mouth
A small relief for the gapping pinch I feel every time I remember
Because deep inside...

I know I don't yet know
I know I won't soon know
Of that which tortures my soul
To love a woman... whole


  1. sighhh... I could never write poetry...And that was a spectacular piece... "anticipation" is the key word that kept me glued to the piece wishing it'd never end... :)

  2. (somehow, i felt a pinch as i read this...)

    your outlook towards love and relationships is worth quoting because they remind me much of my own perceptions of love and relationships...that essentially, we want to love and be loved in return with the same sincerity, loyalty and passion.

    but words often get in the way. too few and your feelings are not conveyed. too many and you put your sincerity at stake.

    women are complicated. when you've finally understood this, then you will learn to love a woman whole.

  3. Fay:
    nicely said!

    I know women are complicated...
    I am still clueless because they are so unique, yet their capacity to love I do not doubt...

    I dont want to turn her love into hate...
    That's why I desire deep inside to learn how to love a woman...
    It's complicated I know...

    Be patient with me because I'm still figuring the gentle sex out...
    I'm so addicted to them because they are so intriguing!
    And so comfortable to be with...

    I don't think I can ever be gay...

  4. Anonymous30/6/08 19:21

    i might not comment u most of the time.. because i know deep inside, u know that im reading and u know that i like this poem so much.. keep it up, boy!! :)

  5. its really not that difficult to love a woman..whole...

    we may be difficult, complicated, and utterly incomprehensible... but deep down inside..all craves for the same thing.. "happiness"...

    any little effort that brings joy to us women... we shall cherish, preserve, and give back in folds...

    when you manage to make a woman happy from within... you knew you have loved well~

  6. mien:
    Thanks baby!
    *gay hug*

    Yes, we know we have to make a woman happy from within...
    But are we able to maintain it?
    Do we love her enough to actually see the relationship through the "falling" stage to the "waking" stage?
    Are we men even capable of loving women?
    There is so much for me to learn...
    Before I can truly say "I love you" and whole heartedly mean it.

  7. 'Women,
    We are capable of laughter, sorrow, anger, reticence, enthusiasm, annoyance and adoration.
    And all in the span of 10 minutes.

    We just ask for a hugful of patience and amazing adaptability.'


  8. Thanks, Jane...
    Nothing better than to hear the perspective of the opposite gender in my confusion!!


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