To Love A Woman

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I can speak of words like candyfloss
To seduce & tame even the wildest of femina
Yet I have never taken pride in this gift of the gab
Because I know deep inside...

I can pleasure with countless repetition
Leading her into a moment of mutual euphoric explosion
Yet this I do not do, though I feel the burning desire
Because I know deep inside...

People have started quoting what I say about love
Someone I am particularly fond of likes to do so
But more often than I am comfortable with
Because I know deep inside...

Someone said that I should write a romance novel
Yes, I have learnt a lot about love
Yet I am unable to write, though I lift the pen
Because I know deep inside...

There are many women in my life
Many of whom have got what I want
Yet I am helpless to pursue
Because deep inside...

This feeling it sneaks up on me
Every time it does, I receive a surge of inspiration
My best poems were written high on this sensation
Because deep inside...

Countless nights I spent on my balcony staring into the emptiness
With a lighted cigarette and smooth white smoke billowing from out of my mouth
A small relief for the gapping pinch I feel every time I remember
Because deep inside...

I know I don't yet know
I know I won't soon know
Of that which tortures my soul
To love a woman... whole

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