7 Hours To Go

The place is Low Cost Carrier Terminal, KLIA.
It is currently 9:45pm.
My flight from KL to Kuching is at 7:10am.
Check-in is 5am.
7 hours to go until I can sleep again.

I arrived at the LCCT at 7pm.
I thought my flight was at 10pm.
Little did I know, my 10pm flight was cancelled and replaced with an earlier 8am flight!
I was not informed. No email. No phone call.
I missed my flight and I didn't even know it!

Fortunately, the staff of AirAsia are well trained...
There was Syifa & then there was Alif.
Contrary to standard Malaysian customer service where the paying customer is treated worse than a peasant when an issue arises...
They were very kind & gentle with me.
Syifa gently explained the reason for the change.
Alif & Syifa worked fast to give me a seat in the next flight & even double checked the bookings I made for all my future flights!
I believe the manager should give them a big pat on the back.

I gave them a tiny box of Beryl's Dark Chocolate as an encouragement & token of my appreciation.
I also wrote an email to AirAsia guest support.
They impressed me & made me feel like a human being.
No other forms of compensation required...
You treated me with respect & professionalism.
That was more than what I would have asked for.

Malaysia needs to learn from AirAsia when it comes to customer service.
AirAsia went the extra mile for me.
I shall be flying AirAsia from now onwards.

AirAsia is not just any low-cost airline...
In my heart, it is a humble carrier with good Malaysian values.
Malaysia truly Asia.
AirAsia truly Malaysian.

I have 7 hours to spare...
Maybe I should chat up that really really cute & hot Thai chick over there...

p/s: My flight was cancelled because Kuching International Airport closes at 12am.
So if you have a flight arriving after or around 12am, you better double check with your carrier!


  1. good to see you landed there safely. enjoy your holiday!

  2. glad tat u arrived home safely after a night at LCCT...

    Come to Sibu and I give you not a TINY box of Beryl's Dark Chocolate, but LARGE-sized of Sibu KAMPUA...

  3. What?! Airport close at 12am?!

    Koko, every time I saw your smile, it really kills me. LOL.

  4. ainee: thanks!

    nicky: i'll come claim that chocolate end of this year when u have holiday! :)

    rev: yes, apparently it does.
    my smile really kills you?
    what the heck is that supposed to mean?

  5. I dint know airport closes!! I thought its supposed to be 24 hours???

    i just came back from the air asia office and to the contrary..they rescheduled my flight to an earlier time and guess wad, its even before I fly over to KL!! .....

    and not only that. thou they sent me this sms but the date was wrong and so it created MORE uneccessary confusion.

    I don't quite like them. I prefer u Mr Kam hahahahahaa.

    and I guess Rev meant ur cute in English. =)))

  6. Irry, we need to accept the fact that airport does close at 12am...

    CUTE? what the heck?! maybe!

  7. Yes, the airport probably started closing early in May...
    I guess when you save money, you cannot really save time...
    So you have to choose either one...
    I choose money.

    How can something cute kill?
    You are mistaken Irry...
    Care to explain, Rev?


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