Tony Roma's Mid Valley

This is Nasrul, he sacrificed his whole 2 week holiday to stay in our KL apartment to care of the injured WuNan while everyone else went back to their respective hometowns & had a good rest.

This is the injured Wunan who jumped from the top of our 7 floor building.

Nas had plans for the holidays but he gave them all up.
He spent the holidays caring for Nesa's injured WuNan, his baby Sho'el & my beloved Shadow.
I did not bring Shadow with me because Nas wanted the siblings to stay together. If they are seperated for too long, they may return as strangers & become territorial.
His original plan was to take the 3 cats home with him to Seremban.
But WuNan's accident complicated the matter & he had to stay back in KL.

When I landed in KL from Kuching, I was hungry for some meat...
I also wanted to compensate Nas for the sacrifice he made...
So he picked me up from KL Sentral & we headed to Tony Roma's @ Mid Valley for dinner on me!

This is what Tony Roma's in Mid Valley Megamall looks like.
Unfortunately, we went on a Malaysian Father's Day so the restaurant was full.
Fortunately, there was a hot young waitress, Ain, at the front desk who was pleasing to look at & very professional with her work.
She was friendly even though she was under a lot of pressure.
She put us in a waiting list & promised to call us if there was a table.

After wondering around Mid Valley for more than half an hour...
we were starting to consider other options...
right then, my phone started to sizzle...
Ain called.
She had a table spread out for us.
Nas & I looked at each other...
the same thought ran through our heads...
Tony Roma's here we come!

That evening, I had my very first piña colada.
Yes, it was mentioned in the Sean Kingston song, Take You There.
It was a very refleshing & sweet mix of blended ice with rich coconut cream & pineapple pieces.
The original drink is an alcoholic drink composed of rum, pineapple juice & coconut cream in crushed ice but this one was just as welcome a treat on such a hot day!

We skipped entrées because (from previous experience of having just a sandwich at Tony Roma's @ Pavillion which has really huge) I expected a large serving in the mains.
I ordered a ribeye steak that night with great anticipation...
But it greatly dissapointed me...

I asked for a medium-rare steak because I wanted to taste a little blood & sink my teeth into juicy chewy meat.
But when my steak was served, it did not look very impressive...
It was a dry black piece of meat half the size of a man's palm...
The way it was presented did not make me feel like eating it...
First impression = bad

But I thought to myself:
Well... dont judge a book by its cover!
Give it a shot...
Let me cut it first...
Ok, it's a bit hard to cut...
Hey, it's black in the middle!
It's well done! I wanted medium rare!

Oh, well... Here goes nothing!
*chew* *chew*
Gosh.. it is so tough...
Gosh... i dont taste the meat...
too well-done... maybe overdone...
Sigh... I tasted better cheaper steak.

After I was done, the waiter came & asked if he could clear the table.
We consented but the way he did it was not dignifying.
As he proceeded to take the plates, he realised that he couldn't carry a plate in each of his hands, so he decided to stack our 2 plates...
Now stacking is fine, but stacking on the table infront of a customer is NOT!
Esp when you have to empty one plate onto another infront of him!
That just ruined my experience!

However, I did get a good chat with Ain after dinner...
Just a chat... ntg more ok?!
She was nice to talk to... really nice...

Sorry Tony Roma's in Mid Valley Megamall...
I'm never coming back & I'm not going to recommend you to any of my friends...
In fact, I might even discourage people from trying you out!

But I haven't given up on Tony Roma's just yet...
The one at Pavillion gave me a very good impression...
Maybe it's time I paid a second visit & blog about it...

One thing's for sure...
I'm never having steak in Malaysia anymore...
Unless I prepare it myself!

koko' rates Tony Roma's @ Mid Valley:
0.5 out of 5


  1. why not try chilis's rib eye steak. My friend had one the other day and it was pretty good.

  2. Alin:
    I'm not going to splurge on steak anymore...

  3. It looks like u r not happy with the food of Tony Roma's but enjoyed chatting with Ain, huh!
    By the way, I heard that there is another Tony Roma's in Bangsar where u can get very delicious and big portion food there. Maybe u should give Tony ROma's a second chance. Pls dun sentence it to death.. Haha...

  4. 2 lip vi: once you've tasted real, juicy steaks in england/australia/NZ you would finally realize that steaks prepared in Malaysia just could not match in terms of taste/juciness/portion/etc (eventhough it's steaks from Tony Roma's or Fridays or Chills) rite jarod? :D

  5. Shawn's rite! OMG I miss the juiciness... *drools*

    Btw, Tanx Koko for the treat.... I mite go back there... not for steaks... but mobile number.... lawlz

  6. lip vi:
    I'm never gonna order steak at a restaurant anymore...
    But I will go back to Tony Roma's other than MV, for their sandwich or burgers.

    I have developed discerning tastebuds for fine foods & wine!

    Jom pigi cari Ain!

  7. wah..jump from 7th floor building?? huh..only injured on leg..that's considered ok d..

  8. Well...
    his liver was injured too but that was taken cared of with 3 days in an expencive ward!

  9. 2 shawn: ok... u jz make me wanna fly there at once to try the juicy steak there. Haha... N thanks for the info, then i'll keep my money to eat more juicy steaks there... Hehe...

    2 jarod: R u sure tat u don't want to go back to MV Tony Roma's? Maybe for other purposes besides eating... Huhu...

  10. I'm definately not going back to the Tony Roma's in MV even though they constantly tempt me with a hot woman at the front desk who is more apetising than their steaks!

    Actually, overseas, you only need to go to a good steak house ONCE for one of their signature steaks + matching wine & you will NEVER settle for anything less!!
    Besides, the meat there is so fresh that grilling at home can already be such an euphoric treat!

  11. OMG... i had bad experience there too! Since i don't eat steak. Some chicken thing i ordered came half frozen inside while the outside looked perfectly charred... Can you even imagine sinking you teeth into frozen chicken!????

  12. wow koko! it is THAT bad huh???? dont bring me there okay ;) *ahem*

  13. fayfantastic:
    that was a worse experience than mine!

    poh lin:
    don't worry...
    i'm very very HAPPY that you said so!

  14. I love Roma's at The Curve and would go back there everytime someone I know has a carnivorous craving for meat. The steaks are not the best in KL...but most of the items on the menu are okay. The rosemary chicken thingy especially is superb. even my mom was impressed (she's a damn good cook ok so for her to be impressed you better pull your limbs to many great lengths haha).

    and there's this Nepalese waiter, Surya (it's a guy), who is absolutely adorable. his English is cringe-worthy but i like the way he is so determined to explain the sauces and asking us if we needed anything else and basically trying to keep us happy throughout dinner.

    it may just be part of his job...but at least he is doing it well!


  15. Anonymous22/6/08 13:12

    lOOKS LIKE i wont be going there when i'm back at the end of the year...

  16. Saw-it-tree:
    Your mom is an interesting lady...
    Perhaps I could take her out some day?
    Me likes a woman who can express herself in her cooking!

    Perhaps her daughter has picked up some culinary magic herself?!

    You'd be wise not to!
    When you come to Malaysia, you eat Malaysia food la!

    Why wan to eat ang mo food?!
    When you go back to the ang mo place, you can eat ang mo food until you lao sai la!

    p/s: once you had quality ang mo food, imitations just wont do!
    also, once you had quality Malaysian food, the ang mo imitations just wont do!


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