The Charms of A Future Teacher

Today, the school returned to its usual timetable of lessons.
Today is also the day I taught my first ever English language lesson!
Form 1 Maju were my guinea babes and they were amazing!

As a teacher...
I'm not the type to read from the textbook & I'm not the type to give everything to the students.
I learnt a lot from Vygotsky's social constructivism theory & zone of proximal development (ZPD).
My style of teaching involves a lot of student-teacher interaction.
I lead the students down paths they have to go all by themselves one day & I help them do it well.

The students' response was overwhelming.
They were eager & motivated.
Although they could not answer open-ended questions like "tell me about Independence Day", they were able to respond to leading questions like "when is it?".
They also worked well in groups & were very enthusiastic about the work that was assigned to them.
haha~~ Cute little girls...
Mind you they are too young for me, k?
(I know what some of you are thinking!)
But they are still able to capture my heart in their sweet sweet way...
Thank you for being such a blessing to me, class!

Story of the day:

The story of the day is not about my Form 1 class though...
It is about a "relief" class I was assigned to... a Form 2 class.
It is a story of a young teacher & a young lady in his relief class.

A few days ago, this young teacher consulted a close friend who spent all her schooling years in a girls' school...
He asked if he should deal with his students sternly & strictly.
She replied, "No, charm them."
He listened to her & he reaped the successful fruits of his social skill prowess during his first lesson.
He also defused a situation during the relief class with grace & charm.

Half of the class was missing from the classroom because they were held back in the wood workshop by the teacher until they finished their work.
It took more than 20mins for the whole class to return.
That's half the period but I couldn't be bothered to fret over it because I didn't have a lesson for them.

I was waiting outside the classroom with my arms crossed for all the students to return.
And the last person to enter the classroom was the class monitor.
Boy, was she in a bad mood!

She made no effort to conceal her anger...
She stormed into the classroom & tossed the class register onto the teacher's desk before returning to her seat.
The heavy book landed with a loud thud.

I never took my eyes off her as I entered the room...
The class grew increasingly silent...
She avoided eye contact & sat down with a "don't f*ck with me" expression on her face
How snobbish!
How disrespectful!

I kept a stern gaze at her & waited silently for her to make eye contact...
Time passed... The class grew nervous...
As she maintained her stand of being angry...
I noticed how adorable she looked when trying to act tough...
I smiled in my heart as I waited patiently.

Looking over her shoulder & crossing her arms...
Soon she grew curious...
And she made eye contact!
At that point, I was beyond anger, I was actually adoring her...
I relaxed my expression,
looked deep into her eyes with my smiling eyes
shrugged and sweetly said to her,
"shall we do the good morning?"

Her expression instantly changed from soursop into chocolate covered ice-cream!
She beamed with suppressed laughter!
Instant happiness!
She smiled, blushed & stood up...
Eagerly, the class followed...

I said in a loud cheerful voice, "Good morning, class!"
They replied, before laughing their heads off, "Good afternoon, teacher!"


  1. oh man, I gave a presentation on Lev Vygotsky... I love the idea of scaffolding ideas and having kids achieve their full potential... very different from Piaget and Bruner style... but similar to Montessori... :)

  2. ;) lol. that was a good one!

    good to hear u r having a good start! :D

  3. Jane:
    showing off your knowledge now, eh?
    dont forget Bandura!


  4. Heard the girls are very BOLD

  5. Anonymous26/6/08 18:44

    hurm lucky you. enthusiatic students!

    i have to chase half of my students with a long ruler. they dont want to enter the lesson.

    naughty bunch!

  6. Awwwww.... I wish i had a teacher like you!!!! hrmphh! great job!!! i wonder if it was a male student, would you have thought he looked adorable too?? jz curious?? :) patronize me...

  7. Phil:
    I have never experienced their boldness first-hand...
    Only your Shimmy boy has!

    Yes, I thank God for this class...
    But this Friday I'm entering a weak Form 4 class...
    I wonder if they'll be just as attentive...

    I have to confess one thing...
    I am sexist.
    I believe that both genders need to be treated differently.
    Because they ARE different.

    I charm the ladies.
    And I respect men.
    I will do something different with a male student.
    I might walk up to him, reach my hand out for a handshake & say, "chill, bro... bad day, eh?"

  8. i wish my students are like that. im having difficulty to get them to participate actively in the lesson. all i get are their empty, blur faces ;(

  9. At first, I got blur awkward silence too...

    But I learned to:
    - take away any expectation or pressure to perform
    - warm them up first with a simple fun activity
    - ask simpler questions
    - give clues

    Perhaps you have yet to find what your students respond to...
    Take your time to explore...
    Dont give up!

  10. Anonymous3/7/08 22:31

    Watla this teacher..go skooll there flirt flirt all..later all cannot study coz of u...LOL.

  11. Where got flirt?
    I charm la~~
    Different you know?


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