Sucks Donkey Kong!

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Back in 2006, I maxed out the photo storage limit on Blogspot & had to find a 3rd party website to host my pictures.
Back then, I wanted a host that was free, simple & had unlimited storage & bandwidth. That was when I found Imageshack.
It was the prefect solution to all my photo hosting needs & it served me well for the last 5 years.

Recently, they were bought over by money-leeching baskets who wanted to extort people for their photos; especially the long-time clients.
So they set a limit of 500 pictures for each free account. If you have more than 500 pictures, your oldest pictures will be deleted on 1st of March.

I have 961 pictures on Imageshack.
Imagine the frustration of someone in my situation: no internet at school & who has to travel 1 hour to use the internet for only 2 hours before the boat travels back.
I don't want half my memories & half the pictures on my blog to disappear overnight!

It's all or nothing, I felt like I was betrayed & abused somehow with this sudden ambush from Imageshack.
There wasn't even an email to notify me of such a significant change in the Term & Conditions.
I only discovered it when I logged in at the site to look at my photos.
What if I logged in after the deadline? WTH?!!!
I don't want anything to do with this site any more. I'm deleting my account & moving all my pictures elsewhere.

So here I am, downloading all my pictures onto my laptop.
I'll be hosting them on Blogspot again since Google took over & extended the storage limit.
Once I reach that limit, I'll probably host on or
These 2 sites received good reviews on forums.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Looking through my old photos have really brought back a flood of memories. I've had an eventful half-decade.
sigh~~~ Moments I wish I could relive again. Many awesome people. Many self-discoveries.
Looking forward to many more great moments in the future.

There will be no pictures on most of my blog for the time being.
I will upload my pictures as soon as I can.
Probably wont be by next weekend because I've got Saturday (replacement) classes & will not be able to make it out to Sibu.
Perhaps I'll spend Saturday night in Song at a friend's house. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, take care! =)

p/s: You'll see a picture on this post once I've finished transferring my pictures!


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