Love It, Hate It, It's Valentine's Day

Some people look forward to this day all year.
Some tingle with excitement for the surprise & passion to come.
Some turn their heads to hide a tear for nothing will come.
Some, like myself, can't help but think of today with some dread.

Everybody expects lovers to do something special for the other.
Women especially expect to be pampered. Treated with extra love & affection.
As a man, I don't mind doing all that. Take advantage of the occasion.
But I cant. I'm broke (salary not paid yet).
I'm also an ocean away from my love.

For those of us in the world who have to spend Valentine's Day without a loved one...
Be it through failure, distance, death or divorce...
Let's lift a glass some time tonight as a toast to ourselves & the hope that we will be together with our special someone in the near future.

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