The Flash Flood

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Apparently, I experienced a flash flood.
In less than 6 hours the water rose from 2 storeys underneath up to the height of your ankle.
The boy's asrama were the lowest so they got hit first.
Then, the school garden & the bridge across the garden linking the asramas to the academic blocks.
We were wading through river water by mid-afternoon in heavy rain.

It had the potential to rise even higher.
A few months ago, it was a storey higher.
But the rains got lighter & eventually stopped in the evening.
That was when the water started receding.

This morning, water levels were high but did not flood the school.
The weather is calm so there are boats traveling the waters again.
A headcount of both teachers & students were made revealing no casualties.
A cleaning of the once flooded asramas took place in the morning with everyone being mindful for centipedes & snakes.

I am currently safely tucked away at a friend's house in Sibu.
I will be returning to school on Sunday morning & teaching on Monday.
But I am expecting more flash floods of varying intensities in the future.
Thanks for your prayers!
It helped!


  1. oh noooo!!!
    i just read your previous post!
    glad that things getting better for you though :)
    take care, jarod!

  2. it looked scary to me, especially when i do not know how to swim....luckily, nothing bad happen..... =)

  3. thank God evrything's ok ;)

  4. Waa..flood..Gosh~ Hope everything will be ok there..

  5. Norzie:
    It was actually a blessing in disguise...
    No teaching on Friday!

    I dont know how to swim neither!

    I was actually quite excited.
    It's the first time I saw a flood.

    Everything is A okay...
    I think...

    Want to experience nature?
    Come to my school!

    The weather is very clear these few days.
    I think water levels will drop.
    But it is still the rainy season so it will easily rise again.

  6. Anonymous7/2/09 22:34

    that'll surely make your teaching days very exciting in the future . haha .

    just enjoy what nature has to offer . look on the bright side , you guys get to have an occasional swimming pool !

  7. Yup!
    Everybody loves a swimming pool that comes with centipedes & snakes!

  8. ooo becareful with those animals,

  9. hehe with every freak-of-nature comes those holidays etc, like how it snowed in london! but i think flooding is worst! hope things r going on well there!

  10. i think this is the time that u need to learn how to swim.

    glad u r fine.

  11. Warid:

    Things are well!
    This week has been hot sun all week!
    Die, flood! DIE!!



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