I Am Bored

picture taken from r8ny.com

I need a change of scenery.
I need a change of activity.
I hate this mundane predictability.

Since my school is isolated. I cant leave.
I do all the same things every day of the week.
Every day in school. Day & night in school.
It's always school, school, school, school & did I mention school?

I'm surprised at myself.
I have only been here for 5 weeks... But it feels like 5 months.
I guess this is the time when a person starts to really develop the stamina to last for the 5 years he has to be at this place.

Let me give you a glimpse of my less-than-exciting life...
First of all, I eat the same food every day.
I can only go out & buy my groceries once a week at the same market.
Furthermore, I can only buy what I can carry.
= limited variety = I am really getting bored of my meals.

Secondly, my daily routine is the same.
There are only 2 places to go to.
School or home. School or home.
geee~~ look at all the tough choices I have to make every day!

Early in the morning, I go to school. (morning classes)
I go home for lunch.
Then, I go back to school. (afternoon classes + school programmes/clubs)
I go home to exercise, shower, rest & have dinner.
At night, I go back to school to finish up on the amazing amount of paperwork given to each teacher who is still expected to be an effective educator.
Later, I go home to sleep.
Tomorrow it starts all over again!

How do I keep myself from going berserk?
Well, sometimes if the heavens permit, there is internet connection at school. Then again, most times God thinks I'm better off offline.
The people here are very friendly. So I can chat & kid around with the other teachers & staff members.
The students know very little English. I love how I can make the most devastating verbal intellectual comments & still see you smile.
Sibu is nearby. I'm willing to spend 3 hrs on a smelly sardine can express boat.
But the number one thing that keeps me from going bazookas & helps me vent all this frustration is...

Which reminds me, it's almost time for my daily meditation on the field.
Praise God for the beautiful game.
**not to be mistaken with another game with a similar name where brawny men moan loudly, press against each other and have "group hugs"**

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