Chinese New Year Fever

It's still Chinese New Year and I'm wondering to myself, "what am I doing here in UK?!"
I should be at home enjoying mom's cooking instead of being so gay & cooking for myself.
I should be out with my buddies at a cool establishment instead of being so boring & working on school documents.
I should be catching up with older relatives instead of force-feeding children English lessons for their own good.

**singing the tune of '12 Days of Christmas'**
On the first & second day of CNY, my housemate gave to me...
a bed-ridden fever & body aches to accompany.
On the third & fourth day of CNY, I tried to leave the house...
but I was too sick to enjoy anything.
On the fifth & sixth day of CNY, I was better but then again...
I got a toothache which hurts so very bad.

Even though, I had a plague-ridden CNY holiday, I did manage to have a good time with friends & family.
The limited time spent with them was well-appreciated.
I also managed to catch two movies: Red Cliff 2 & Underworld 3.
Red Cliff was awesome while Underworld was average.

Right now, I'm recovering from a fever, a cold & a painful toothache.
Do pray for my recovery!
It's for the benefit of my students!

what a way to start the bull year...
pain & suffering first, joy later!


  1. awww. sorry to hear that you are sick.

    hope you get well soon!!!!! :)

  2. hmmm...not a good news...get well soon, ur students need u, malaysia needs u...hoho...

  3. think of March. think of March. think of March.

    and you shall be handsomely rewarded. hehe.

  4. think of march. think of march. i keep telling myself that too, jarod. and think of may. think of may. haha. u tk cre!


  5. Anonymous4/2/09 19:00

    Hmm.. sorry to hear that you fell sick.. and now with the toothache.. get well soon..!!

  6. 1. heard that the bull is not a good sign this year, could it probably has anything to do with your sickness(*V*)V

    2. cooking doesn't make you gay!, i enjoy cooking and i am not a gay LOL.

    3. Take care bro!

  7. Glo:
    My health is improving & my toothache is dimishing!

    Yes, the world is a better place with me around!

    I think of March ALL THE TIME!

    YES, MAY!!!!

    I miss KL...
    My body is healing but my heart is still in pain!

    No la~~
    I dont believe in the zodic stuff.
    So it wont affect me!
    I'm getting better see!

    I will, bibi!


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