Chinese New Year Fever

It's still Chinese New Year and I'm wondering to myself, "what am I doing here in UK?!"
I should be at home enjoying mom's cooking instead of being so gay & cooking for myself.
I should be out with my buddies at a cool establishment instead of being so boring & working on school documents.
I should be catching up with older relatives instead of force-feeding children English lessons for their own good.

**singing the tune of '12 Days of Christmas'**
On the first & second day of CNY, my housemate gave to me...
a bed-ridden fever & body aches to accompany.
On the third & fourth day of CNY, I tried to leave the house...
but I was too sick to enjoy anything.
On the fifth & sixth day of CNY, I was better but then again...
I got a toothache which hurts so very bad.

Even though, I had a plague-ridden CNY holiday, I did manage to have a good time with friends & family.
The limited time spent with them was well-appreciated.
I also managed to catch two movies: Red Cliff 2 & Underworld 3.
Red Cliff was awesome while Underworld was average.

Right now, I'm recovering from a fever, a cold & a painful toothache.
Do pray for my recovery!
It's for the benefit of my students!

what a way to start the bull year...
pain & suffering first, joy later!

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