A State of Emergency

Just a few hours ago, my principal declared a state of emergency.
All classes & school activities will be put on hold until further notice.
All students are to be gathered into the main hall for prayer.
Teachers will take turns in groups to have 24 hour surveillance over the school.

What are we watching for?
A Flood.

It has been raining for days & days at no end.
In fact, it has been raining for days & days all over Sarawak.
Water is flowing in from the deep interiors causing the Katibas river to overflow.
Our school is built on high ground. But the waters are lapping our feet now.
Usually it's a 2 storey descent to the jetty.
Now it is right at our doorsteps.

There were still boats in the river only 8 hours ago.
Now it is too dangerous to travel.
The only way in & out of school is by boat.
We are stranded.

The water pump is already submerged.
We have no more water supply lest the ones we have in the soon-to-be-depleted water tanks.
The electricity generators are close to being submerged as well.
If the water rises any further, it will mean darkness for all of us.
And for me, no internet. No cellphone coverage neither.

It is the end of the week so we are also running out of food.
There is no way for us to go out & get more food.
Meals will be provided in the main hall from now onwards but the main hall is close to submersion as well.
What will we eat if the water continues to rise?

We have started distributing life jackets to the students.
We have also started moving equipment & books to higher ground.
If things get any worse, we will continue to move higher.
Thank God, the teachers' apartments are built on top of a hill.
There are many locals amongst the staff & they are familiar with such situations.
Whatever happens, we will survive.

I may be out of contact for a while.
Do pray for me & for the school.
Let there be no casualties.
God bless.


  1. GOD BLESS u and ur students

  2. hopefully it won't get any worse...
    anyway, keep updating us alright...

  3. ohnooo....that was really a challenge for all of u...

  4. one of the many great challenges...tk cre jarod.


  5. Anonymous5/2/09 20:00

    my prayers will be with your every step.

    take care and keep us updated!

  6. Jarod stay strong, i pray for your safety. T_T

  7. Anonymous6/2/09 05:22

    Gosh.. I hope all this will end soon for you and your students.. Be careful and update us soon.

  8. Hang on and take care koko. Hope that the rain won't last for long and yeap, i'll surely pray for you too! (~while singing to Avril's Keep Holding on~~)

  9. wow! what a challenge.

    be extra careful and take good care of the kids too.

    keep updated k.

  10. Anonymous6/2/09 10:55

    hey bro.. stay strong and i'll pray for u guys' safety. been there, done that. so i know how u r feeling at the mo. everything gonna be okay soon, im sure. here also, it rains non-stop.. so basically im waiting for another flood attack! :P lucky that i managed to prepare my 1-month food stock. i hope there'll be bantuan banjir sent over to ur area :) just let our fingers crossed!

    god bless u!

  11. take care. its been raining here too. the food supplier also chose not to come here since there were too many landslides and some jalan sudah putus. today, we managed to get out. sekali lagi bergadai nyawa. haha. we made it to cameron intact. be strong and have faith!.

  12. haaa , im anne ur ex student :)

  13. Yes, we've prayed for the weather last night. Lets believe for a miracle. You're right... you'll survive. Better still, you'll rise above this!

    Ps. 77:19 - 'Thy way is in the sea and Thy path in the great waters, and Thy footsteps are not known.'

  14. Thanks for your support & prayer, guys!
    It's gr8 to know that ppl do care!!


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