Foodpanda Malaysia Apologises With An Excellent Email

In response to my blog post, a rep from Foodpanda sent me this email on 18 February 2015:

Very level-headed & tactful response.
This is a model of how organisations should respond to criticism.
I'm actually surprised to get such a mature response from the company which made me wait half a day for food that I pre-paid for.

Here are some takeaways:

  • The executive CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY when making the apology.
  • She communicated that my concerns were HEARD.
  • She TOOK ACTION by passing it onto relevant personnel.
  • She expressed a desire to improve.
  • She OFFERED COMPENSATION for the trouble caused.

  • Did I take the compensation?
    Of course, I did! As you can read on the original post, I made several phone calls. Not to mention the headaches & heartaches I experienced.

    Now, we're even. I don't owe them anything & they've made peace with me.
    The next time I tell a story about Foodpanda, I'll also talk about this wonderful email which made the company appear more professional & mature in my eyes.

    Well done, Alka.


    1. Hi.Glad to know that it turned out ok in the end. My daughter is a regular user of Foodpanda services while she's in KL. I told her about your bad experience with them but she replied that so far everything had been ok and satisfying. So you could have been unfortunate to ran into problems on that day while using their services. Gong Xi Fa Cai.
      P/s Pass my regards to your new PK1. He's my good friend in School Police Cadets. I'm in SMK Kapit.

      1. Yes, he is a very soft-spoken guy & someone I can really learn from. Really boggled down with paperwork lately that I don't have time to sit & chat with him. Or even update this blog! =(

    2. Anonymous23/2/15 12:11

      They should at least let us know what they will do to avoid the problems from arising in the future. The personnel in charge should give an explanation before considering this over.

      1. I actually don't need an explanation. I was pretty much done with the company until this email came along.

    3. That's nice of them. Some would not give two hoots and would not give a damn - they have other customers waiting in line.

      Back in your school now, Kam. Qong Xi Fa Cai to you and your loved one - hope the year of the Goat will be a great one. Should I start saving for the ang pao? Wink! Wink! You'll invite me, wouldn't you?

      1. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! I want to visit you with my girlfriend this weekend... Can?

        Yes, start saving... you have a few years time to save up.


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