Sunday, February 22

Foodpanda Malaysia Apologises With An Excellent Email

In response to my blog post, a rep from Foodpanda sent me this email on 18 February 2015:

Very level-headed & tactful response.
This is a model of how organisations should respond to criticism.
I'm actually surprised to get such a mature response from the company which made me wait half a day for food that I pre-paid for.

Here are some takeaways:

  • The executive CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY when making the apology.
  • She communicated that my concerns were HEARD.
  • She TOOK ACTION by passing it onto relevant personnel.
  • She expressed a desire to improve.
  • She OFFERED COMPENSATION for the trouble caused.

  • Did I take the compensation?
    Of course, I did! As you can read on the original post, I made several phone calls. Not to mention the headaches & heartaches I experienced.

    Now, we're even. I don't owe them anything & they've made peace with me.
    The next time I tell a story about Foodpanda, I'll also talk about this wonderful email which made the company appear more professional & mature in my eyes.

    Well done, Alka.

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