How To Shut A Child Up During CNY

This one works too. But if you want something better... Read on.
This is a light-hearted story of what happened to me during CNY this year. I learned an amazingly effective way to shut up a group of rowdy children (all 5 years & below) which was very likely used on me once upon a time but I have forgotten due to extremely violent emotional scarring.

I had just entered my relative's house when a group of children who were already there started making a lot of noise with one 5 year old girl being particularly screamy. Her mother was clearly exhausted & fed up from an entire day of pacifying a sugar-charged kid so she said something really brilliant.

She walked up to her wailing child, pointed at me & said in a stern voice, "不要吵哦。他是老师!(Don't be noisy. He is a teacher!)" The child shut up immediately!! So did her little partners in crime. The expression on her face was at first of shock and then of embarrassment. She remorsefully bowed her head, made an adorable pout on her fleshy face & said quietly to her mom, "你骗我。。。(You're lying to me...)"

"我干嘛要骗你?你不相信可以问他呀。(Why would I want to lie to you? You can ask him if you don't believe me.)" She stared at the floor quietly. Her head was hanging on her shoulders. She didn't dare make a wrong move in my presence having earlier made a loud embarrassing fuss in front of me.

The child in my story was very much older but this was exactly what happened!
Her mother was not done. It was likely the first time in a long & exhausting day that she's had the upper hand. "他是 Teacher Nancy 的朋友。等下他会跟她讲你不听话!(He is Teacher Nancy's friend. Later, he will tell her that you've been naughty.)" she said sternly. The little girl didn't dare to look up. Her head continued to hang on her shoulders as she slowly began a dejected march upstairs to her room. She stayed quiet & never made another appearance all night!

So, parents... Do you do this to your kids too?
Come on... This is a safe place... Admit it.
Or, did something else happen to you during the holidays? Do share in the comments below!!

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