My First Professional Photoshoot

Today I had my very first professional photo shoot.
It was organised by the hairdressing academy of a successful hair styling studio, HairZone.
They got their senior student hairdressers working on a model to create a unique hairstyle worthy of a place in a magazine.

I got to know one of the students, Jay Jay, just as he was looking for a model.
He asked if I would volunteer to be his model.
It was an opportunity of a lifetime!
Of course I agreed!

I got a free hair styling session & a chance to get a little taste of what its like to be someone whose picture is in a magazine.
However, it was not a joke.
It was a serious session with full on makeup, clothes, poses, angles, lights & advanced camera technology.
I had an enlightening sneak peak into the life of models...
Tiring but very rewarding!

Thank you Micheal Poh & Jay Jay for this opportunity!

Jay Jay


  1. I like your hairstyle from the first pic!!

  2. yes...
    I sat down on my burning bum for 4 hours for that hairstyle!

  3. Dont be...
    You'll get your own opportunites!


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