The Pussies In My Crib

If you own a tv or have lived in the city, you will find that the media elevates the man who has a large & beautiful crib as well as many ladies who are always beautiful and constantly positioned in sexy postures.
Well... My crib may not be as aestheticly pleasing or lavishly decorated...
but my crib does have several beautiful pussies!

About two months ago, on a cold dark night, a skinny beautiful yet needy female stranger came calling at our apartment. The stranger caught the eyes of a few of our men & was warmly welcomed into the apartment for dinner. Her name was Pochii.

My housemate, Nasrul, loved her so much that he started going shopping for her. He bought her many things that she needed but didn't have and he really poured out his love on her. She noticed this & she started coming to our apartment regularly.

One day, we noticed that she had a slightly larger stomach. We could see instantly that she was pregnant. We confronted her. She denied. But we knew, there was no doubt. But we wouldn't alienate her... She was comfortable around us... And somehow she has grown needy of us... So we comforted her & told her that we will take care of her no matter what. Those of us who are willing & able will provide for her & her yet-to-be-born child.

She gave birth to 5 adorable babies!I haven't had much experience with pets, but it is eye-opening to find that, like humans, animals have different personalities too!
They are such a wonder to watch!
They cause me to wonder what my future children will be like...

Looking at them huddling together for a nap during a cold rainy afternoon makes me feel warm all over...
this is a testament to the love & care of the men in our two adjacent penthouse apartments!
Pochii may be a single mother, but her children have got at least 10 fathers!
And I am one of them!

This is Shadow. She is my favourite!
She is different from the other kittens.
She's laid back & cool even when all her siblings are jumping on each other & dashing all over the place.
She is also very submissive...
This pussy will let you do anything to her without reacting negatively...
Dont underestimate my Shadow! She may seem lazy & blur but she is quick to react whenever it is required of her!

You know, I have never liked cats. I dare say that I even hated cats.
When I was growing up, I had very bad experiences with cats.
They make scary sounds at night & they steal food meant for me!
However, the pussies in my apartment have made the difference!
The kittens are amusing to watch & they lighten up my heavy burdened days.

I guess they are created by God, just like I am...
And it's up to me whether to precieve them as good or bad.
And so, why not good?

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