Is Cold Water Safe For Drinking?

Have you ever been given advice from your mother who got her advice from her mother who got her advice from her mother who got her advice from her mom?
Age old wisdom passed down from one generation to another seems pretty convincing.
Especially when the person giving this advice is someone who's been nurturing you during your early days & would give her life for you.
However, sometimes they can lovingly give the wrong advice.

I have been told since a very young age to stay away from drinking cold water or iced water.
I have been told that room temperature or warm water is the best.
Cold water can even harm me.
Especially right after exercising.

It seems that drinking cold water when your body is hot is like pouring cold water onto a hot wok.
The insides of your body would go...

According to this article, that's not such a bad thing after all.

It's actually cold water that's recommended when exercising vigorously.
During intense physical activity, the body's core temperature rises above the normal 37°C.
Drinking cool water lowers the body's temperature and helps it settle back to its normal range.

Studies have also shown that cold water (5°C) is absorbed more quickly from the stomach than warm, abating dehydration and allowing you to play harder and enjoy your game even more.
Sweating also helps to lower the body's temperature, but through sweating we lose a lot of water, so it's important to keep drinking.

That said, if the only water around is warm, or if some prefer it warm, that's ok too.
In a hot climate like Malaysia, it's sheer pleasure to slip a class of iced water.
Now, I've got double reason to enjoy something wet & cold.
Feels good to know that something that feels so good is actually so good for you!


  1. Anonymous30/7/09 19:12

    it actually lowers the body's metabolism rate and make you slimer

  2. wow.......
    i just know..when i thot cold water is actually bad for your health! now knowing this, i'll opt for it! haha!

    update your blog more often! i love reading them! esp the school life. i know being a teacher is fun n u just prove it to me with the posts.

  3. Anonymous30/7/09 21:40

    i remember reading it somewhere that it is good for your bones too.


  4. cold water is a no no fer me!
    makes the flam in my throat stuck there for a longer time....
    wet and warm fer me!!!

  5. yeapyeap. Cold water is good! I once read in an article that says swimming in a cold water or taking cold shower is good in resistance to disease! :)

    Say yes to cold water now!! ~ice ice baby.. hehe!

  6. there are a lot of talks about it la, honestly. like different researchers about drinking coffee had different results. some said its good to consumer coffee! some said its terrible. which to believe?

  7. Vio:
    Makes us slimmer?
    You cannot be serious...

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    Bones? wow!

    Are you sure you're human?

    Resistance to disease?!
    Are you sure?

    Jon Chu:
    I guess I'd believe what I want to believe!

  8. Anonymous3/8/09 18:22

    i am serious . that's what i heard from a pal . she got it from an article of some sort . will this theory relate to the fact that lots of teenage girls prefer iced water over hot tea ?

  9. I dont think teenage girls prefer iced water because they think that it will keep them slim.
    I think it's because of the warm weather that's also keeping them slim.

  10. assassin`13/8/09 19:52

    i have read somewhere that drinking cold water after meal is a NO NO thing... something to do with the oil stuff which i can't remember... I would think that drinking cold water after exercise is great, but after meal is not-so-great.. =)

  11. It's a hoax, Nick.


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