No Computer In The Middle Of Nowhere

2 weeks ago, I left my computer in Kuching for fixing.
A diagnosis revealed that the RAM slot I have been using is damaged or faulty.
After switching to the other slot, my computer is working perfectly again.
Despite its age, seems like my baby has still got it!

Without a computer, I lived a different life for 2 weeks.
I work & live in the middle of nowhere. No roads. Not even cellphone coverage!
It used to be that my computer was my sole source of entertainment.
Therefore, having no computer in the middle of nowhere brought a definite change to my lifestyle.

With the time that I usually spend watching a movie on my computer...
I spent finishing a novel (Angels & Demons) & 2 research periodicals (Bicara Pendidik Sarawak 2006 & 2008).
From reading Angels & Demons, I found that the thrilling movie is so much better than the draggy novel. Too many unnecessary details in the novel.
From the research periodicals, I found several interesting articles but nothing much to add to my practice. Too many literature reviews or theoretical write-ups that look like they were recycled from a university assignment. Having more empirical studies would have made it more practical & relevant to the everyday teacher.

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With the time I usually spend chatting or writing & reading blogs...
I spent with my housemate & colleagues.
As a result, I got to know many of my co-workers better & we have a greater sense of camaraderie.

This forced change was actually quite refreshing.
I would not have been able to do read so many books & get to know some of my colleagues better if I still had my computer with me.
It has opened my eyes to how dependant I was on a computer.

There's much more out there in the real world for me to enjoy!
It'll not be easy because of habits built over the years...
But I am surrounded by amazing people & an exotic wonderland of nature!
Time for me to make use of it!

p/s: perhaps you should spend less time in front of the screen too!


  1. I guess, I also should send my laptop to somewhere so that I might be able to spend more times in reading.

  2. uhum. been there, done that when i was still living in signal at all~~haha.

  3. Yup, you are lucky to have such brieft 'breakaway', haha! I used to wondering how ppl can stare on the screen for hours b4 addicted to using laptop. Now I understand why. And, I find it's a 'titis', yah, u know, such as dermatitis, hepatitis, bla bla blatitis..better watch out,haha.

  4. I solely agree Dan Browns novels are draggy and long-winded. Terrible reads. I couldn't even finish Da Vinci Code albeit my excitement to know more about his fictitious yet controversial write

  5. Anonymous10/7/09 05:21

    So it turns out, every cloud has a silver lining too. I am sure now that you have a win win situation, you will make the most out of it. Friends are important but since we are working, colleagues aka teammates are essential for us professionally. And sometimes, you might find a few gems among these pool of strangers worth keeping and being close to.

  6. Rosyada:
    Actions speak louder than words, girl!

    Actually, you dont have to lose your laptop to spend more time reading.
    Just bring a book with you wherever you go & spend your idling time reading.
    Exp: waiting for a bus, in the bus, in the LRT & waiting for a friend at McD.

    What a wonderful time you must have had, right?

    Dream House:
    You are right. It is an addiction.
    Computer multimedia has evolved our whole way of life.
    Humans cant live without them now!

    I finished Da Vinci Code & did not find it long-winded because the side stories actually added to the main plot.
    Angels & Demons, on the other hand, has many side stories as long as a football field & yet doesn't seem to contribute to the overall plot development.

    I like both stories though.
    Because both have good plots with good twists.

    I hope you have found some allies at school.
    You need them... A LOT!

  7. Totally agreed with u on the Angels & Demons. Draggy and i think this is the first time i ever consider the movie, better than the book. =.="

  8. Yes, I was actually very bored when reading the book.
    Every time there is suspense, you can be sure that there is a long anticlimax.
    The movie actually had a better story!


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