Taklimat Pelaksanaan KOMSAS BI Ting 3 @ Song District

the moment you realise you're not going to have it easy after all
     Last Friday morning, I conducted the "Taklimat Pelaksanaan KOMSAS BI Ting 3" for the Song district. My first outside my school! It's basically a briefing for the new Form 3 literature component freshly implemented this year. I attended a similar briefing in November last year in preparation for this.
     I know it's a little late. Actually, very late because PMR is only just around the corner. I was supposed to conduct this workshop after receiving a letter from the PPD but the letter never came. Either the orders did not arrive from JPN or... you know la.
    So I decided to be proactive & I made arrangements with the PPD more than a month ago to have this workshop organised. After waiting a month & not receiving a confirmation letter or calling letter for my colleagues, I was alarmed & I immediately followed up. Not once. Not twice. But 3 times.
     Finally, last Monday, I went to the PPD & settled everything within an hour. I even found out the names of the Form 3 teachers in Song & delivered the calling letters personally. You know what they say about doing things yourself.
     Still, the acting officer provided a venue, the necessary stationary & lunch. The nasi lemak was good. She promised certificates for the teachers too so we'll see if that materialises. I will not be following up on that though.

Teachers from SMK Katibas: George & Royston
    5 teachers attended the workshop. I see very promising things from them because they were already very familiar with the subject matter & they had good English proficiency. They understood all the poems & novels so I had an easy time glossing through my slides & only stopping to ensure that we were on the same page when it came to the meaning of the text & how we present it to our students.
     We spent most of our time coming up with creative pre/while/post-reading activities. The teachers were positive & very willing to share. I had a good time with them.

Teachers from SMK Song: Raymond, Juliana & Gan
    I have placed my slides online. Feel free to download them & share them with your teachers:

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