An English Language Comic Book From The Jungle

A few months ago, I caught a glimpse of an impressive piece of anime art a student of mine drew in his journal. I complimented him on it & he was delighted. Pretty soon he was showing me other pieces of really impressive art he did on his own. I felt really impressed & touched that he would share this with me. I feel that he is like a little spark in the middle of nowhere. I never expected such artistic talent from my jungle school students.

This experience left me wondering how I could help students with such talents showcase it & get it out there into the world for everyone to enjoy. I want him to develop his talent, be proud of it & use it to do good for the community.

An idea came to me as I was discussing an English Language Newspaper for my school (will blog about this very soon) with my selected newspaper dream team. I thought of including a hand-drawn comic strip in the monthly newspaper. As I discussed the idea with the newspaper team, they told me that there were at least 4 students with extraordinary drawing skills. After the meeting, I gathered these students & asked if they were interested in having a publication of their own: an English language comic book. They lit up & immediately got to work.

My team of talented artists.
I will talk about my reasons for wanting to produce an English language comic book for my students in a following blog post. For now, let me share the 1st edition of our school's comic book. Enjoy!

View the other comics here.
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I will continue to publish their work on my blog for all to enjoy!

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